Hello: Honey You Baked!

We are trhilled to have Mel from Honey You Baked! guest blog for the sorella-hood today! {side note: isn’t that THE cutest blog name going around?}

Honey, You Baked! ~ are Danni & Mel, two Friends and Mamas who used to work together in Sydney and now blog together – states apart. Two Mamas, Makin’ & Bakin’ in Sydney & Tassie.

Mel lives in Hobart on a hectare of rural land where she is raising two kids and a husband (Miss E, Master O and A1). She is a Social Media Whiz, has a great love of Tasmanian Cheese & Wine and does everything at the last minute (I think Mel might be my soul-sister, she sounds an awful lot like me – minus the social media whiz thing)

Danni lives on Sydney’s beautiful Northern Beaches with her lot (Miss N, Miss Z and Himself). She’s obsessively organised, Loves Cake and Shoes and spends way too much time talking to herself. (Hmm. Ok yep, Danni sounds like my kind of gal too. Especially the cake bit).

Today Mel has shared something I think you’ll love trying out on the weekend with the kidlets (or if you’re like me, some borrowed kidlets). 

Kids Wash Away Play ~ Chalk Paint

My kids love ‘painting’ on our outdoor pavers with water, but after seeing a gazillion Pinterest posts on liquid sidewalk chalk, I decided to up the ante.

I only had natural food colouring, or my Wilton pastes, which I was concerned would stain the pavers (and the kids) in their intensity. So I used the natural food colouring to colour my ‘paint’ and we gave it a go.

The kids had a grand time painting away in the winter sunshine, but although the colours looked great in the tray, they all looked much the same once dry. For a more intense colour, it may be worth giving it a try with regular food colouring which should give a stronger colour result once painted on – obviously all surfaces react differently. The kids didn’t mind, it was all about the creating for them, and I was happy to have them occupied outside.

The best thing about this activity is that the mess just washes away with the next rainy day (or a hose!)

HYB Wash Away Play

You’ll Need
1 cup of corn flour
1 cup of water
Natural food colouring
Paint pots/painters palette or a muffin tray
Paint brushes

The How To
• In a bowl, mix together the corn flour and water until thoroughly combined.
• Pour equal amounts into your containers and then add a few drops of food colouring to each pot to make your desired colours. Mix well.
• Paint, enjoy and wash away when finished!

wash away paint Honey You Baked butterfly painting

Whichever colouring you choose, I suggest doing a test patch somewhere first, let it dry and make sure that it washes easily away. After 4 days of being left on the pavers with no rain, ours washed away with the next downpour.

Enjoy! Mel x

Thanks so much Mel! I’m looking forward to trying this out with my nieces and nephew.

Head over to Mel & Danni’s gorgeous blog www.honeyyoubaked.com where they have lots of yummy recipes, kids play ideas, free printables and home organisation tips to make your life just a little bit easier. And they are also on Facebook & Instagram too!

Do let us know if you try out this activity with your little (&/or big) ones!

x anna


As Dory says, “Just keep swimming! Just keep swimming!”

As some of you may know, Alisha and I live in opposite ends of the country. Alisha on the Sunshine Coast, and me in Melbourne. So it’s been great to have her visit this week with her two little ones – mostly for work on sorella & me’s current production, but also to have some fun!

First stop was the Melbourne Aquarium.

Situated right in the middle of the CBD opposite Southbank, the Aquarium is a great 2 hour escape from the hustle of the city and a fantastic place for your children to explore and learn about the underwater world.

The King & Gentoo Penguin enclosure was pretty amazing. I’ve always been a little unsure about keeping animals in areas distinctly more artificial than their natural habitat, however it made more sense to me watching my niece and nephew get so excited at the sight of these incredible animals and learning about them – we were so close and it was fantastic to see them go about their day. The King Penguin is magestic and calm, the Gentoo’s full of energy and a little cheeky! What other chance would we ever have to see an animal that is only found in the antarctic?!  And they really did look pretty happy and healthy. It is currently nesting season so we were lucky to see them go about building and protecting their nests – just like they would in their natural environment.

King and Gentoo Penguins at the Melbourne Aquarium

Swim time for the Penguins!

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Family Road Trips – The sweetest of all childhood memories

One of our friends has departed on a big road-trip adventure with her hubbie and two little ones this morning. They have packed up their camper and making their way from Queensland over to Western Australia. Taking around 5 weeks, they are sure to have so many special memories to share with us when they get home – and no doubt their two children, although still quite young, will have happy memories of this special time with their mum and dad (all 4,685 kilometers of it!).

Camping Travel Road Trips

The VW Camper Van – what a classic! Image via The Telegraph (UK) – Travel

It certainly brings back some happy for memories for me thinking about similar traveling we did as a family when my sisters and I were young – back in the 80s!

My parents were really good like that – although they certainly didn’t have money growing on trees, they worked so hard in their small businesses that when they could afford to step away from the grind for a couple of weeks we’d load up the car and have a road-tripping camping adventure – which usually involved chasing the sun to Queensland. Continue reading