Everything a first-time mum-to-be needs to know….

There’s a reason we don’t often do Pregnancy & Baby Expos with our maternity collection by sorella organics. They are quite simply too overwhelming, too busy, too noisy, and (in my opinion) consist of just an unbearable amount of information for any one person to take in.

With so many brands, in one HUGE venue, it must be so hard to make choices and decisions of what’s best for mum and her family? In fact, I wonder if some mums come out MORE confused than she was when she went in?!!

There’s only one Pregnancy Event we are currently a part of, and the reason is simple – it’s a small, beautiful, stress-free event – full of great information and advice so first-time mums don’t have to spend their entire pregnancy sifting through an overload of information and decisions – or fight for a carpark at an Expo.

They can instead spend their time enjoying their pregnancy and focus on more important things – like preparing for baby’s safe arrival.

So, we are thrilled to announce sorella organics will be attending the The Baby Workshop, hosted by The Baby Consultant again this year.

The first of its kind, the exclusive workshop brings together first time mums to mingle, enjoy afternoon tea, & see everything they need for their new baby lifestyle.

The Baby Workshop Image 1

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Breastfeeding: When it’s time to hang up your nursing bra

Breastfeeding is always a topic that sparks debate with many differing opinions, ideas, do’s/don’ts, and should-haves.  There always seems to be research or recommendations we need to be across. Even just this week new research has suggested that introducing solids earlier can reduce a child’s risk of allergies.

One thing we should agree on though is that none of us have the same boobs or the same child – and that’s where, with a little help and advice here and there from the experts or our brave ‘sisters’ that have gone before us, the mother should have the right (and the thinking space!) to make her own decision on what is right for her and her child.

We will be coming back to the topic of breastfeeding in the sorella-hood regularly to discuss different issues and experiences. Our first post delves into the dreaded topic of ‘supply’. That is, how long can the milk bar stock the milk? Alisha tells us her story.

sorella & me maternity sleepwear - nursing cami

model wears sorella & me maternity sleepwear - nursing cami & pant (both in evening sky). Image by sorella & me

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