Capturing the love of a mother with her newborn child

My husband bought LittleOne baby magazine for me when I was pregnant years ago.  I hadn’t seen the magazine before and knew straight away there was going to be something special inside the glossy pages! It has remained as one of my favorites.  I especially love the features they do on children’s bedrooms titled “Baby’s Space’.

Ella Rose's room we loved from Issue 9. Our friend Ella's mum Jade ( has great style!

Ella Rose’s room we loved from Issue 9. Our friend Ella’s mum Jade has great style – you will find her & many beautiful things at Wedding Bling

The current issue of LittleOne baby is no exception and has a beautiful feature on new mums- real mums in the hospital just days after giving birth. Amy Doak mentions in her Publisher’s letter that there is nothing quite like “the look of love on a new mother’s face” (LittleOne baby Issue 10 p8). Photographer Kate Monotti has certainly captured this in the recent shoot. And we were thrilled to be able to supply and gift our sorella & me sleepwear to a gorgeous mum in the feature.

LittleOnebaby Magazine Issue 10 2013

LittleOnebaby Magazine Issue 10 2013

I remember a local photographer from the paper coming to my room after the birth of my babies with his camera wanting a picture, boy was I apprehensive! That experience for a little local paper was nothing on these brave and beautiful mums that have said yes to a magazine shoot so soon after birth.

Chloe with baby Cooper - just four days old!  Chloe wears sorella & me organic singlet, drawstring pant and lounge wrap. She looks beautiful!!!

Chloe with baby Cooper – just four days old! (image by Kate Monotti, LittleOne baby Issue 10)
Chloe wears sorella & me organic singlet, drawstring pant and lounge wrap. She looks beautiful!!!

Lounge wear shouldn't mean your partners old trackie!! sorella & me organic nursing nightie p.144

“Lounge wear shouldn’t mean your partners old trackie!!”
sorella & me organic nursing nightie in evening sky $84.95 (right) LittleOne baby Issue 10 p144

Congratulations to LittleOne baby magazine on such a beautiful concept and we admire the beautiful women in the shoot that, regardless of the toll the previous days may have had on their bodies, are glowing with beauty and love!!

How did you feel after the birth of your baby? Would you have been brave enough to pose for a magazine?!!!

~ alisha x

What would you do? Would you help a crying newborn baby left alone, or respect a parents choice?

I got out of the car at Kindy and while standing door open to let my daughter out, I heard a screaming baby.

My daughter ran to the footpath to wait for me and as I turned to see where the shrill cry was coming from, I realised it was from inside the car next to me.

There was a sun protector screen on the window so I couldn’t see through, but as I made my way to the footpath to join my daughter I realised there wasn’t an adult in the front seat.  Putting the pieces together it dawned on me that this baby had been left, while mum or dad took another child in for the Kindy drop off.

It was then that I froze. Literally froze. I was suddenly in a moment of torment as the scream (and I mean that brand-new infant scream) kept on and on. My motherly instinct had literally taken over my body and I was drawn to this baby clearly in need.

Do I go to the aid of the baby? Open the car door and shake a toy or something until mum or dad returns? If they knew their baby was so upset, would they want me to do this?

No, I walked away very slowly with my daughter actually pulling me along to get inside.

PhotoInc via istockphoto

Once inside, I felt ill. This crying baby certainly wasn’t feeling secure in this moment. Continue reading