I confess. I find it hard to get completely nude.

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when you walk into the ground floors of major department stores, don’t you think?

Dazzling lights. Floor to ceiling images of photoshopped glamazons with ethereal skin staring with judgement at your dull epidermis. Their faces represent the health I crave.

I want that frigging glow dammit.

So you find yourself pulled into the beauty vortex, the assistant with her hands inappropriately all over your face.  Your phobia of abused personal space is pushed to its limits. She’s talking AT you as if you are some sort of recluse given your lack of knowledge on the importance of niacinamide and hyaluronic acid.

And you leave, feeling slightly inadequate and definitely overwhelmed, but somewhat hopeful armed with a stash of samples containing that scientific-blah-blah-skin amazaballs-technology that the assistant seemed so convinced would leave you with the skin of Cate Blanchette. (Can I get that promise in writing please?)

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The sorella-hood’s top 10 essential items to pack in your hospital bag – for MUMS!

It’s fair to say an expectant Mary Poppins would be well prepared for her pending hospital visit, but what about the rest of us that aren’t lucky enough to have bottomless luggage?

There are many ‘What to pack for your hospital bag’ lists out there, so the difference with the sorella & me list? Well, it is compiled by our sorella-hood readers – AND their suggestions focus on Mum’s needs only! (A big thank you to all those who contributed!)

So here we go – the Top 10 essential items to pack in your hospital bag – for MUMS!

1. Comfy Sleepwear (that doubles as day-wear!) 

You have to be comfortable, but you don’t want to be in clothes that will have you diving under the covers when visitors turn up! And you’ll need lots of changes, especially items you can discretely breastfeed in that won’t make getting your breast out difficult (!!) or make you feel self-conscious about your belly. It’s no surprise our sorella mums very kindly recommend sorella & me organic sleep and loungewear. Tried and tested, they think the collection is a perfect combination of style, function and comfort.

sorella & me organic nursing nightie – http://www.sorellaandme.com.au

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Casually Cool Mums & Beautiful Baby Bumps: Maternity & Mummy chic we can all achieve!

The last 12 months has seen some of the biggest celebrities either give birth, adopt, or fall pregnant. For today’s post we thought a little fashion drool-fest was in order to inspire the maternity wardrobe for some of our sorellas who are expecting, and for the new mummies out there in the playgrounds or off to school pick up!!

I had prepared myself to see over-styled, unachievable ensembles, however I was relieved to instead find everyday casual looks that are absolutely attainable for all of us lacking a full-time stylist!

Yep – maternity and mummy-chic is about a throw-over pretty print dress, practical jeans so you can pick your child up from the sand-pit, flats or trainers to get you to the school gate on time, and comfy tops or jackets to give you a little style yet let you move freely to juggle your child, nappy bag, pram and other daily mummy essentials.

And let me tell you, most of these pics show limited hair & make-up work too (and we all know how achievable THAT is)!

We can’t start a post like this and not feature Sarah Jessica Parker at the top. Would you agree that she epitomises casual mummy-cool?

Sarah Jessica Parker

Flame Flynet

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A G-string is like a landline telephone – no longer necessary

According to a study in 2008, French women spend 20% of their income on lingerie.  Yes, you heard me, 20-bloody-percent. This is probably about the same amount that I spend on car, life, home and health insurance all rolled into one (and there’s nothing sexy about insurance).

I vow to take the 20% approach when I one day look like this:

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