Everything a first-time mum-to-be needs to know….

There’s a reason we don’t often do Pregnancy & Baby Expos with our maternity collection by sorella organics. They are quite simply too overwhelming, too busy, too noisy, and (in my opinion) consist of just an unbearable amount of information for any one person to take in.

With so many brands, in one HUGE venue, it must be so hard to make choices and decisions of what’s best for mum and her family? In fact, I wonder if some mums come out MORE confused than she was when she went in?!!

There’s only one Pregnancy Event we are currently a part of, and the reason is simple – it’s a small, beautiful, stress-free event – full of great information and advice so first-time mums don’t have to spend their entire pregnancy sifting through an overload of information and decisions – or fight for a carpark at an Expo.

They can instead spend their time enjoying their pregnancy and focus on more important things – like preparing for baby’s safe arrival.

So, we are thrilled to announce sorella organics will be attending the The Baby Workshop, hosted by The Baby Consultant again this year.

The first of its kind, the exclusive workshop brings together first time mums to mingle, enjoy afternoon tea, & see everything they need for their new baby lifestyle.

The Baby Workshop Image 1

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Hashtag Fever #YesAllWomen

You have probably seen the hashtag #YesAllWomen pop up in one or all of your social media feeds recently? Perhaps you have even participated?

#YesAllWomen tweetA quick take for those that haven’t – The hashtag stemmed from the murders in Santa Barbara earlier this week by a 22 year old man, allegedly with mental health issues, and openly motivated by sexual hatred. 6 people died and 13 were injured. In a self-recorded video prior to the killings he communicated why his plan was necessary. His day of retribution was to blame women for the failures in his own life. It has been reported as an act of violent hate fuelled by mental instability.

Apart from providing a forum for people to share their sadness and confusion over the incident, the hashtag organically gained momentum and provided a space for women (and men) to share their voice, their experience, and their outrage on the issue of misogyny.

Experiences of sexual violence, sexual harassment, and sexual fear have been shared across the world for days.

#YesAllWomen twitter


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Get out of my way and let me run

There has been an increase in incidents around Melbourne recently of attacks on children and women. This, added to some truly horrific random incidences of violence against women in the past 12 months – which in some cases resulted in death – have really stirred up some anxiety in me this week.

I have only just recovered from an incident I was involved in while visiting my parents on the Sunshine Coast (Queensland).  A male approached me while I was running along the beach, exposed himself and chased after me. After working with the police I was informed he had done the same thing to a 12-year-old girl just days earlier.

12 years old.

As a result of this incident, and an attack on a female runner on my usual running path at home just a few weeks later, it has taken me over a year to begin to feel comfortable running or walking on my own again. Up until now I either ran on a treadmill at the gym, ran with my partner on weekends, or went for walks with friends.

Woman Running

Photo Credit: Myles Dumas

But in the past month I had finally decided I wasn’t going to be dictated to in terms of when or where I would run (with some common sense exceptions I have always practiced being I never run nighttime and I avoid patches in my neighbourhood that are isolated).  I love running and I have run my whole life and it really drives me crazy that I am denied this right when and where I want just because I am female.

So with more news reports in the last 24 hours of an attack on a woman and a child in North Melbourne – I am having trouble figuring out how to feel about it.

I think mostly I am really angry.

I am really pissed off that women continue to be at risk of violence from men. For me, apart from running, it’s not being able to feel comfortable walking from a tram at night, going for a run at sunrise, or being able to stand on my own as so many of my male friends do in a taxi rank late at night.  I have the absolute right to do those things and it makes me really angry that it’s something I am consciously concerned about.

And it makes me so angry, that if I have children (if I am lucky enough) – that they simply won’t be enjoy the freedom that we did as kids.  That they can’t go riding around the neighbourhood on their bikes for hours on end.  They can’t go exploring.  They can’t enjoy the beach freely for risk of voyeurism (the Police told me the Sunshine Coast where I grew up is one of the highest areas for pedophilia in Australia).

This isn’t a new gripe at all I know, but it’s truly such a shame.  And even more so because there is perhaps nothing we can do about it.

Well, I’m going to stick to my running plan for now. And I hope that with each step brings new determination to keep on running, and keep on doing the things I want to.

Girl power and all that!

~ anna

We’d love to hear your thoughts on this, or your own expereinces. Please share below!

UPDATE: Fast forward 12 months and a violent incident in the US sparks the hashtag #YesAllWomen. Read my take on this here.

Love Peppermint!!!

We were thrilled the sorella & me sleepshirt was included in Peppermint magazine’s Fashion Safari feature for their beautiful Autumn edition!

Peppermint Autumn 2013 (cover)

Peppermint Autumn 2013 (cover)

sorella & me organic sleepshirt $79.95 with pashmina scarf $215 - by kishandevie.com

sorella & me organic sleepshirt $79.95, wrapped up with a gorgeous pashmina scarf $215 by kishandevie.com

Peppermint “is the green fashion and lifestyle magazine, celebrating eco and ethical style with a fun, fresh, intelligent and positive spin. It was created for the rapidly growing number of consumers who appreciate good design, fashion and creativity, but also care about social and environmental issues and where their clothing comes from.”

The perfect place for sorella & me, right?

Giraffe! Peppermint's Autumn safari shoot was at Werribee Zoo, Victoria

Giraffe! Peppermint’s Autumn safari shoot was at Werribee Zoo, Victoria

The location of the shoot was the beautiful grounds at Werribee Open Range Zoo in Victoria (which by the way is just 30 minutes from Melbourne and a great place to visit with the kids when you are in town!).

Just some of the labels in the shoot included stunning pieces from sosumeclothing and thisisbento. These labels work so hard towards sustainability and ethical production in all aspects of their collections – truly inspiring. I have had the pleasure of hearing Alex of sosumeclothing speak at various events and he is doing amazing things – so innovative with fabrics, dyes, and the way he produces his garments to reduce waste.

Pepperminy magazine

A big thanks to Stylist Leeyong Soo & the team at Peppermint for finding sorella & me and loving our sleepshirt as much as we do!

Love the look of Peppermint (we wouldn’t be surprised!)… Head over to the mags website for more ethical fashion love or look out for their beautiful magazine in your local newsagent. If they don’t have it – ask them to get it in! If you are an overseas sorella – don’t panic! Peppermint also ship internationally!

~ alisha & anna

40 ways out of trouble with Fashionista’s Australia

We got lots of great feedback (and sighs of relief) when we posted last weeks round up of the best Christmas gift guides. But there has been one more guide pop up this week we just have to share because a) we know you will love it, b) these girls know what they are talking about when it comes to beautiful things, and c) we are certain it will save you those likely headaches over the next 5 days trying to figure out what your sister really needs as opposed to what she is telling you she wants….

Fashionista's Australia - www.fashionistasguide.com.au/

Fashionista’s Australia – http://www.fashionistasguide.com.au

Emily Power and Antonia Acott are Fashionista’s Australia (a must read site to subscribe to by the way!) and they have put together an (aptly named) Last Minute Gift Guide covering everyone on your list, in every price bracket. Continue reading

It’s time to give your ‘Mum Uniform’ a comfortable but stylish overhaul

Sitting at the Brisbane airport recently waiting for a flight, I (for a change) was early and this gave me plenty of time to ‘people watch’. Boy there are some colourful characters in the world! It instantly became a reminder for me not to get caught up in the safe world of “mummy fashion”.  You know the style – the good old comfy uniform of ballet flats, slouchy tee, skinny jeans and swipe of lip gloss.

It always looks good, but let’s face it, it’s certainly “safe”.

There’s nothing like sitting in an airport and a trip to the big smoke to remind us folk from smaller, often more relaxed and casual pastures, that just because you’re 30 plus (plus a bit more!) and a mum who has to be able to chase children and lift them up and down without having a Kath and Kym moment of underwear on display, doesn’t mean we have to always play it safe. Style CAN equal comfort.

My attention was drawn to a woman with an Audrey Hepburn-type look – in what you could consider a safe ensemble with a black trench, black skinny pants with ankle zips and black flats. However, to my surprise she had a massive red rose tattoo on the top of her foot. It gave her an edge to what I would otherwise consider very classic safe styling.

Perhaps I should get a tattoo?

Audrey Hepburn: Queen of Ballet Flats

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Great Expectations: How you can be your own worst enemy when locked out of the house on a cold afternoon.

I was chatting to a girlfriend recently about the ins and outs of relationships and we realised that sometimes we are guilty of deliberately going about things to set our partners up to fail.  I listed a couple of doozies of when I had done this recently, and my friend fessed up to her less than appropriate behavior too.

Why on earth do we do this? It seems like the exact opposite of what you should be doing in caring for your partner, but I guess sometimes love makes us do stupid things? Sometimes we hurt the ones we love the most, and the reason for inflicting that hurt is hard to understand (without the help of psychologist at $200 per hour)?

Is this something you can relate to?

An embarrassing example:

I recently accidentally locked myself out of the house when I was pulling some sheets off the line.  It was quickly approaching 5pm on a Melbourne afternoon and even though it’s apparently Spring, it’s still maxing out at a top of 15 most days here – So it’s fair to say it was chilly, getting more so, and I was pissed off about it. Continue reading