The Mary Poppins Drawer of Possibility (+ a little giveaway)

Does this look familiar?…

{note the naughty puppy photo-bombing on the bottom right, joyfully attacking my plant}

{note the naughty puppy photo-bombing on the bottom right, joyfully attacking my plant}

Yes. It’s that one drawer in your house that is the family’s dumping ground. Need a hair elastic? A Panadol? An allen key to put together your new Ikea furniture? This is where you’ll find one.

I like to call it: The Mary Poppins Drawer of Fun.

I think I am a reasonably organised person, but for some reason The Mary Poppins Drawer of Fun is completely UNorganised – mostly with take away menus that have been tried (or the intention to try). And as we have moved house 3 times in the last 4 years, we have quite the impressive collection of Melbourne’s finest (and not so fine) take-away menus. Continue reading

Family Road Trips – The sweetest of all childhood memories

One of our friends has departed on a big road-trip adventure with her hubbie and two little ones this morning. They have packed up their camper and making their way from Queensland over to Western Australia. Taking around 5 weeks, they are sure to have so many special memories to share with us when they get home – and no doubt their two children, although still quite young, will have happy memories of this special time with their mum and dad (all 4,685 kilometers of it!).

Camping Travel Road Trips

The VW Camper Van – what a classic! Image via The Telegraph (UK) – Travel

It certainly brings back some happy for memories for me thinking about similar traveling we did as a family when my sisters and I were young – back in the 80s!

My parents were really good like that – although they certainly didn’t have money growing on trees, they worked so hard in their small businesses that when they could afford to step away from the grind for a couple of weeks we’d load up the car and have a road-tripping camping adventure – which usually involved chasing the sun to Queensland. Continue reading