Giving to our Mothers on Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is approaching and my daughter who is 5 is going to make sure it is a BIG event!  She has been talking about it for weeks – and is so excited!

She keeps hinting at what she has been doing at school for me and today I sent her to school with an envelope with a few coins for the mother’s day stall.

The carnation is of course the traditional gift/symbol for mother’s day.

Anna Jarvis sent 500 of these beautiful flowers to a church service in the U.S in 1908 to be handed out to mothers. The carnation represents all things sweet, innocent, pure and essentially, love.  And so the tradition of gift giving for mothers began.

Anna Jarvis. (Image via tumblr)

Anna Jarvis.
(Image via tumblr)

pink carnation (image via

pink carnation
(image via

My mum always said no gifts for her on Mother’s Day.  The biggest gift to her would be that we spend a day being good – meaning no fighting with each other (which took a lot of effort considering there were 4 girls in the house!!).  She also encouraged acts of ‘service’ from us, such as making cups of tea!

I will be looking forward to my gift from my daughter though.  My wrapped slice, face washer or whatever it may be that my daughter chooses from the stall.  And for me it won’t be about the gift itself, but that for the first time she was able to choose something all by herself with me in mind, that she thinks I will love.  And I am intrigued to see what she chooses and why.  And so begins the act of ‘giving’ and how giving to others can more often than not, be more rewarding than receiving.  As I have grown older I have relished in being able to buy gifts for my parents, being able to make them happy with things I can give, in a small way showing appreciation for all that they have given me.  And on Mother’s Day when I hand my gift to mum this year she will say, as she does every year, “oh, no presents”.

White carnation (image via

White carnation (image via

Anna & I wish our mum a happy Mother’s Day and we look forward to taking the day and time just to ‘hang-out’ with her.  Our thoughts are with those who are remembering the life of a mum or grandmother lost.   And we wish all mums in the sorella-hood (and our mum’s-to-be who I’m sure already feel like mum’s to their unborn babes!) a warm and wonderful day.

Enjoy the day with your families full of love, a sleep, a cooked breakfast, maybe some new sorella & me PJ’s (we have been very busy and know there will be some very surprised, happy and comfy mummas on the weekend!).

My daughter, mum and I at 'Annie' the musical. A special girls night out for us!

My daughter, mum and I at ‘Annie’ the musical. A special girls night out for us!

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Sustainababy have a fabulous Mother’s Day Promotion running that we are thrilled to be a part of.  Head to the blog and enter the comp to win a gorgeous sorella & me organic lounge wrap….If you win, you could give it to your mum….or treat yourself!! Good luck!!—me-Mother-s-Day-Giveaway

How will you spend Mother’s Day on Sunday?

alisha x

No one likes a dud Christmas present.

4 years ago my friend woke up on Christmas morning to a glistening diamond and a proposal for marriage.  By wake up to – I literally mean poked and prodded at the crack of dawn to a handy-cam in her face and before she had time to wipe the sleep from her eyes, her besotted boyfriend was on one knee asking for her hand. (Asking if she wanted time to wake up first prior to asking her to be his wife probably would have been helpful, but he was excited, and bless him he just couldn’t wait).

She said yes, of course. What a happy Christmas…. But this poor guy is going to find it hard to top that gift for sure!

There are just 12 sleeps left until you and your loved ones wake up to a gift that will either provide swoon worthy attention at Christmas lunch from your jealous siblings, or cause you to hold back tears until the point (quite likely after too much festive cheer) you finally burst with disappointment about the Dustbuster he bought you. He thought it would make things easier for you. You think it stinks.

With that in mind, don’t be a bad-gift-giver this year. Don’t risk getting it wrong, because no one likes a dud Christmas present. That old saying It’s the thought that counts” is bullshit.

We have you covered with a number of gift guides from people who are in the know when it comes to gifts. No tricks here – we can happily endorse these people and their lists (because they have proven to consistently have their crap together throughout 2012, and have quite frankly, got me out of binds on various topics before).

Pour yourself and cheeky G&T and leisurely scroll these lists knowing you have a good chance of winning the best gift-giver competition this year.

For your mum, sister, bestie, and nana

First up, do a good deed by supporting Australian designers whilst also spoiling your love one.

Lady Melbourne’s annual gift guide is out and fabulous! Featuring local labels, Lady Melbourne is a pro when it comes to finding unique pieces. And yes, of course she has included sorella & me in her guide, and has featured our organic lounge wrap. But because you are a regular sorella and since it’s our official best seller, you already knew it was a great gift idea didn’t you?

sorella & me organic sleepwear bag (image by Lady Melbourne)

sorella & me organic sleepwear bag with our cosy lounge wrap inside!  (image by Lady Melbourne)

Get more bang for your buck and check out her fab list from last year while you’re there which again, is chock-full or lovely ideas. Continue reading

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