My life mission: To rid the world of man’s ugly, pilly, baggy track pants and thigh-high polyester shorts

It’s fathers day in little over 8 days in Australia. Time to celebrate the men in our life.

Father's Day in the sorella-hood

And if your dad is anything like mine (sensitive, grumpy, a little needy, a lot argumentative, and always right…. But also generous, kind-hearted, supportive, totally lovable, and worth enduring the annoying first listed traits) – then might I suggest you avoid risking the ordinary this fathers day?

The ordinary being, an ordinary blah blah father’s day gift.

My dad always says he doesn’t want anything. But I’ve never seen him turn down a box of Darrell Lea Chocolates come the big day (He has to rely getting those from one of my sisters’ these days though as there are questions whether they ethically source their cacao…. Poor dad).

So this year (like the last) I’ll be sporting Dad out in some sorella men’s pieces.

Yes he already has a draw-full, but he has secretly told my mum that they are the comfiest dacks going ’round. And he’s been around a while my dad – so he’d know.

And that’s why I think you should get a pair for your dad too. Or maybe for hubby from the kids!

A happy Dad is… well… a happy dad. And let’s be honest, we really do need to rid the population of ugly, pilly, baggy track pants and shorts.

 Fathers Day Gift - owens short in evening skyOwens Short – $44. Available in Evening Sky (shown), Vintage Black, and Feather Grey Continue reading

Happy Father’s Day 2013

We have had a wonderful response to sorella & me’s recently launched mens collection and we have been very busy bees getting the orders out to you all!

Breakfast and a paper in bed on Father's Day a Dad's dream!! The sorella & me HODSON PANT in black

Breakfast and a paper in bed on Father’s Day – a Dad’s dream!!
The sorella & me HODSON PANT in black $54.95

Men have certainly been very excited to get their hands on our sleepwear – but it seems that our beautiful female customers who love the organic sleepwear themselves, have also got quite excited about pampering their man and dad with a luxurious short or pant for Father’s Day.

And why not? Don’t they deserve the best too?!!!

Dad and baby. A unique love!

Dad and baby. A unique love!

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What are the best things about being a Dad?

It’s Day 4 of our Dad-Fest in the sorella-hood with Father’s Day coming up on Sunday!

It’s a special time for all families – especially those with Dad’s who are celebrating their FIRST FATHER’S DAY! Yay for you!

For today’s post, we wanted to know what it is that’s so special about being a Dad. So we asked 5 sorella dads just that:

“What are the best things about being a Dad?”

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Happy Father’s Day! Our top 5 list of Cool Celebrity Dads

Since it’s Father’s Day this Sunday, we are having a “Dad-Fest” all week in the sorella-hood!

Today’s post is our Top 5 list of Cool Celebrity Dads who love to shout to the world “I’m a Dad and I’m Proud!”…..

They also seem to be able to do this while looking mighty handsome at the same time. Could this be because they don’t actually do a lot of ‘dad stuff’ and that leaves them more time to get to the gym?

If such is the case, perhaps this list should be renamed “Cool Celebrity Men who also just happen to be Dads”?

We won’t judge, we will just look.

1. Hugh Jackman

Definitely no.1 on our list as there is actually no question (as suggested above) how devoted this man is to his family. He’s spotted regularly at Bondi having fun in the surf with his children.

Successful, down to earth incredibly handsome, and hopelessly in love with his wife. What a role model for his kids. What a guy.

Ever wondered how high Wolverine could through you in the air and still catch you? THIS high…

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