If you can’t cope with my unhelpful-help, perhaps buy a headscarf?

Hear no Evil. See no Evil. Speak no Evil

You’ve read them too right? Those blog posts/articles/rants that do the rounds from someone on their high horse with their List of Things You Should Not Say To Them When They are in X Situation?

I hate those lists. 

  • 25 things not to say to a woman who is struggling to fall pregnant
  • 174 things not to say to a woman over 30 going through a break up
  • 4062798 things not to say to someone with depression

I really really hate those lists.

If we all get around stifled with fear for saying the wrong thing, that means nothing will be said at all. And if nothing is said it all, surely we’d end up wondering why the bloody-hell no one cares?

I get it. Sometimes when you are in the shit, you just want your friend to get down in the hole with you, sit down, shut the f*** up, and give you a hug {+ maybe a little “Everything will be ok” or “I’m here if you need me” on the side too}. Continue reading

Happy Father’s Day 2013

We have had a wonderful response to sorella & me’s recently launched mens collection and we have been very busy bees getting the orders out to you all!

Breakfast and a paper in bed on Father's Day a Dad's dream!! The sorella & me HODSON PANT in black

Breakfast and a paper in bed on Father’s Day – a Dad’s dream!!
The sorella & me HODSON PANT in black $54.95

Men have certainly been very excited to get their hands on our sleepwear – but it seems that our beautiful female customers who love the organic sleepwear themselves, have also got quite excited about pampering their man and dad with a luxurious short or pant for Father’s Day.

And why not? Don’t they deserve the best too?!!!

Dad and baby. A unique love!

Dad and baby. A unique love!

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Getting back to basics

I did start planning a holiday in a resort.  The weather was forecast pretty terrible and although I enjoyed the idea of a resort pool, day spa and room service, I did secretly like the idea of a holiday that was ‘about the kids’.  In a tent, behind sand dunes allowing them to run and play and be freeeeeeeeee.

always an early start when camping with children- surf's  up!

It is always an early start when camping with children – surf’s up!

So the recent school holidays we packed up ALOT of ‘stuff’ and went camping.  I grew up doing a lot of camping with my family.  I thought camping was what all families did on holidays!  We hadn’t been on a camping trip for a while though.  Things have been pretty busy and getting away was a luxury we just couldn’t seem to fit in.

let's go fly a kite...la..la...la...

let’s go fly a kite…la..la…la…

It’s amazing how much children learn when they are taken into a new environment. Not just bike riding and scootering, but how to tie knots, heading to night markets because there is no agenda to worry about tiredness the next day, dancing in the pub at the Sunday session (oops that was me but my daughter did learn how to create a beat with a black sock and a box!), how to cook toast without a toaster, how to play board games (remember those?!!) and the list goes on and on.

KerPlunk! My 3 year old wanted the marbles my 5 year old understood the game and didn't, so in this game "everyone's a winner"!!!

KerPlunk! My 3-year-old wanted the marbles my 5-year-old understood the game and didn’t, so in this game “everyone’s a winner”!!!

bike riding - yes I am on my bike! ;)

bike riding – yes I am on my bike! 😉

I will admit I found it a bit difficult to completely disconnect from the online world.  Our neighbour campers with teenage children had their i-devices all charging at the bbq area and there were 8 getting re-booted!  But my 5-year-old didn’t miss TV or movies on the iPad.  She was happy teaching her little brother how to play snap in the tent – or at least telling him when to snap to give him a win (love her to bits!)

Enjoying the outdoors and playing with no reason to have to stop!

Enjoying the outdoors and playing with no reason to have to stop!

BUT – next holiday perhaps I will consider a comfy bed in a resort! My sleep was disrupted because I was up checking the kids were covered NUMEROUS times throughout the night, so this was pretty tiresome.

The perfect picnic spot.  Tweed Coast.

The perfect picnic spot watching the surfers. Tweed Coast.

On the upside, I got to sleep with the sound of rain on the tent with my little family close by, and that was pretty damn cosy and fun!!

our tent in the morning sunshine

our tent in the morning sunshine

Have you got a great family holiday idea you could share with the sorella-hood? We would love for you to leave a comment here below or post on our Facebook page. alisha x

Moving forward following miscarriage

Today on the blog, a very courageous woman shares her deepest sadness.

We thank Alli from Alli & Genine for allowing us to share her story with the sorella-hood and also thank her for her being so brave in this mostly taboo subject of miscarriage.

We hope her experience provides comfort to those women in the sorella-hood community who have suffered a miscarriage and also provide a little insight for those of you who know a beautiful woman who has endured a similar loss.

We send positive energy to Alli, and to you all with the hope that by sharing her heart-felt words with you today, strength is found in moving forward, and as Alli herself expressed –

“I want other women out there to feel less alone in their journey”

…and that is what the sorella-hood (‘sister-hood’) is all about.

~ alisha & anna


(Originally posted April 3, 2013 on www.alliandgenine.com View the original post here.)

Where to from here? Alli ponders what was not meant to be….

Today I feel numb. Confused. Broken. Exhausted. Empty. Lost. And deeply heartbroken. Not sure what I should do next. Part of me wants to stay in bed and feel sorry for myself. To sulk, mope, cry, to attempt to sleep the day away. How I wish I could fast forward these long, sad days. Continue reading

To dummy or not to dummy? When do WE say good-bye to the comforter?!

Early when I was in the ‘newborn haze’ I posted on Facebook “to dummy or not to dummy?”, to get advice from friends about whether I should give my baby one.  The response was mixed.  I decided to give him one. Would I give him a dummy again? Yes. My daughter didn’t have one (which is why I went searching for opinion), but the dummy was the only thing that gave me a break from breastfeeding my very thirsty son and allowing my body the time it needed to produce more milk.  It was a lifesaver in the car and he was a great sleeper with our strict rule that dummy was only for sleep time, so in the cot and in the car etc.   It was like magic – produce the dummy and off to sleep he would go.  However, I there surely isn’t a ‘one fix’ plan/approach to children, it definitely wasn’t something my daughter would have needed or benefited from.

A couple of years later and I have decided it is time for my little boy to say good-bye to the dummy. I would have gotten rid of it earlier, he is 3 soon, but I wanted to be totally available for whatever sleepless nights (I might have!) or time he might need with me in order to feel secure.  And so, over the Christmas break seems like a good time as the distraction and chaos of the festive season, and out of the normal home routine, might mean he will be tired and find it easier to go off to sleep without his dummy.

Baby's Dummy

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How to be a Good Wife: Anna goes to Marriage School

J1 (who opts out of a formal choice of religion) has generously agreed to my request for us to be married in a Catholic Church.

While I’m not a practicing supporter of the church itself, I do believe in God and I am a bit of a fan of spirituality more generally and what it can bring to your life. Like most “non-practicing-but-ok-with-God” people who have had an upbringing in a Catholic school, a few god-fearing grandparents to keep you on the straight and narrow, as well as perhaps a couple of failed attempts to ‘find something else’, here I am, still believing but slightly jaded by those at the top who run it. It’s like wanting to drink 7 cocktails without the hangover. You often can’t get one without the other, but you can sure as hell try your hardest to enjoy the best bits.

(Side note: Bring on Women Priests & Married Priests)

In deciding to proceed with the sacrament of marriage and wanting that to be carried out in a church, it became quickly evident that there were certain rules J1 & I would need to adhere to.

And I’m not talking about “NO RICE, CONFETTI, BUBBLES OR ROSE PETALS ALLOWED ON CHURCH GROUNDS” rules (kill-joys). I’m talking about attending 16 hours on wifery-perfecting for me (not to be confused with mid-wifery) and husbandry-perfecting for J1 (certainly not to be confused with animal-husbandry).

That’s right, Marriage School.

I went to Marriage School and passed. (I have a certificate to prove it).

I went to Marriage School and passed. (I have a certificate to prove it).

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There’s no place like home…

Many parts of Australia are experiencing a heat wave over the coming days. But 40+ temperatures are the summer-norm for some and is just one of the many challenges living in outback Australia… Being a new first-time mother with limited support and resources is another, and today on the blog my good friend Peta shares her story (which never ceases to blow me away everytime I think about it!)…

I live in a small town.  No, not small like Toowoomba, Dubbo, or Bendigo, small like a place you’ve never heard of, on a road not many travel.

Just like ‘city mums’, my daughter and I enjoy walking. Only, our scenery is a little ‘different’ and our choice of routes are somewhat limited!

Eighty-ish people live in my town, and I know them all; by name, occupation and preferred drink.  When I had my first child they knew all about it too.  We called my partner’s father  the morning after my daughter was born, and by 7:45am all members of the community knew the weight, length and name of our little girl… with slight variations on the spelling. Continue reading