You want it? You got it.

While we are still only a baby of a label finding our feet, those that have found us have been devoted since their first restful night sleep in our soft organic Pjs. And they keep coming back for more.

And it’s these dedicated fans that shaped our plans this year, and will continue to do so into the future. We have already managed to fulfill one big fan-based request – to launch a mens line. So it is with a big smile and a stack of excitement that we announce the launch of the 2nd big request from our awesome customers this year….The request was clear:


So it’s with much pleasure we can now offer all your favourite pieces in beautiful black! And it’s a lovely earthy black that goes in line with our organic goodness.

Our best-selling organic singlet. Wear as sleepwear, loungewear, or out & about!

Our best-selling organic singlet.  Sleepwear, loungewear, or out & about

sorella & me organic singlet – wear through pregnancy as your belly grows and after as a perfect nursing top with its snap button opening ($54.95)

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We received a really lovely review from Melbourne Blogger Pip Mooney of The Daily Wipe that we thought we’d share today.

Pip blogs about parenting, fashion, beauty, and food – and everything in between! Who is the latest celeb to fall pregs, or just gave birth? You’ll hear it first from Pip! Which designer label is set to release a new children’s line? Pip will know about it…. We love her blog!

Pip is currently pregnant herself and due in November. We wish you all the very best for the remainder of your pregnancy Pip and the arrival of your new bubba!
~ alisha & anna

the daily wipe

If you’re like me and have been on the hunt for sleepwear to pack for the big day that doesn’t make you feel and look like you’ve just endured the most challenging day of your life, then look no further.

Because boy do the girls at Sorella & Me really know how to make a girl feel gooood!

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A feeling in my loins…

As many of you know, I am currently at the very start of planning my wedding. I am completely overwhelmed, terrified, nauseated, and literally sleepless with all the options, costs and ways it could all go very very wrong. To make matters worse, while I am shortlisting venues and finalising budgets, I have had every bride there has even been tell me “Oh it’s all so fabulous! I wish I was planning my wedding day again! It’s the BEST!”

Which does nothing except make me feel like I am missing something. Didn’t anyone else feel the pain of wedding-planning-crazy-land?

Interestingly, as I grapple with the “is it all really worth it – why can’t I just elope” question, it seems one mother in the sorella-hood has also felt a similar confusion when it came to the experience of the birth of her first baby.

Does time heal old wounds? Here’s her story….


I can recall the painful day after the birth of my daughter… As a result, I was determined she was to be an only child – I had done childbirth, there and then. Finished. Complete! Continue reading

The sorella-hood’s top 10 essential items to pack in your hospital bag – for MUMS!

It’s fair to say an expectant Mary Poppins would be well prepared for her pending hospital visit, but what about the rest of us that aren’t lucky enough to have bottomless luggage?

There are many ‘What to pack for your hospital bag’ lists out there, so the difference with the sorella & me list? Well, it is compiled by our sorella-hood readers – AND their suggestions focus on Mum’s needs only! (A big thank you to all those who contributed!)

So here we go – the Top 10 essential items to pack in your hospital bag – for MUMS!

1. Comfy Sleepwear (that doubles as day-wear!) 

You have to be comfortable, but you don’t want to be in clothes that will have you diving under the covers when visitors turn up! And you’ll need lots of changes, especially items you can discretely breastfeed in that won’t make getting your breast out difficult (!!) or make you feel self-conscious about your belly. It’s no surprise our sorella mums very kindly recommend sorella & me organic sleep and loungewear. Tried and tested, they think the collection is a perfect combination of style, function and comfort.

sorella & me organic nursing nightie –

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The Battle of the Boob

It’s the final day of World Breastfeeding Week (1-7th August) – a really important world-wide awareness campaign on all aspects of breastfeeding.

Although I’m yet to experience the lows and highs of breastfeeding (the lowest I’m guessing being the actual lowest point the breast can get post-breastfeeding); I have had many friends go through this incredibly anatomically intricate, yet completely natural process to have a little insight into it. Plus given Alisha and I design maternity clothes to make breastfeeding comfortable and easier for a living, it’s pretty important I know what I am talking about!!

My breastfeeding summary: breastfeeding can be exhausting, difficult, sometimes impossible, and often just a big pain in the bust. It can be a stressful battle of the boob. It can be a mountain of soreness. It can be 2 watermelons of a goddamn bad time.

But it can also be incredibly rewarding, special, heart-fluttering, and is very important for the health of your baby. And it’s this last benefit, I am told, is the good that hugely outweighs all bad.

World Breastfeeding Awareness Week

image by spfoto/istockphoto

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How will my body change with pregnancy and birth?

Today Anna contemplates (and is terrified of) the changing body she is told to expect following pregnancy and childbirth.

Like many women, I have spent a lot of my life begrudging my body.  At the ripe old age of 33, I still don’t know why we do it – it’s exhausting to say the least.  I seriously waste so much time with my head stuck in the back of my wardrobe trying to find something to wear when there is simply nothing to wear. It’s ridiculous. I could spend that time doing so many more fabulous things – like drinking French Martinis. Or getting massages.

I remember being as young as 9 years old and comparing my features to my best friend. Why did her legs look so much nicer than mine in her sports uniform? Why did she have such fancy hairstyles tied up with beautiful ribbons when it was all I could do to get my hair in a ponytail by the time I got to school? Why does she have the most beautiful brown  skin, and I have THESE freckles. I HATE freckles! Continue reading

Breastfeeding: When it’s time to hang up your nursing bra

Breastfeeding is always a topic that sparks debate with many differing opinions, ideas, do’s/don’ts, and should-haves.  There always seems to be research or recommendations we need to be across. Even just this week new research has suggested that introducing solids earlier can reduce a child’s risk of allergies.

One thing we should agree on though is that none of us have the same boobs or the same child – and that’s where, with a little help and advice here and there from the experts or our brave ‘sisters’ that have gone before us, the mother should have the right (and the thinking space!) to make her own decision on what is right for her and her child.

We will be coming back to the topic of breastfeeding in the sorella-hood regularly to discuss different issues and experiences. Our first post delves into the dreaded topic of ‘supply’. That is, how long can the milk bar stock the milk? Alisha tells us her story.

sorella & me maternity sleepwear - nursing cami

model wears sorella & me maternity sleepwear - nursing cami & pant (both in evening sky). Image by sorella & me

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