A lifetime supply of pjs? Who would say no to that!

You may have noticed I’ve been MIA from the sorella-hood since Christmas. Sorry. And thank you to those people who lovingly asked “Where have you been?! When’s your next post?!” Delightful to know you enjoy catching up with us each week in our random silliness!

My hiatus from writing probably stemmed from the start of summer (sun, beach, cocktails). I think I must have embraced the week off at Chrissy a little more than I realised. Time to take a little breath. Some stillness. A few stunning sunrises…

Sunrise on Christmas morning at mudjimba beach - sunshine coast, Queensland

Sunrise on Christmas morning at Mudjimba beach – Sunshine coast, Queensland

Resting was fabulous. {If you are a regular in the ‘hood you’ll know I managed to get a little burnt out last yeara follow up post on how I managed getting myself out of that mess is to come – a clue… I haven’t}.

It was sunrises-a-plenty when before I knew it 2014 was slapping me in the face telling me to put down the cocktail and my mum’s hedgehog and get on with things – and it’s hard to believe almost 3 months has passed since it did.

So what’s been happening? How have you been?

We’ve enjoyed welcoming many new lovers of sorella including lots of blokes! The mens collection was a big hit for Christmas gifts and continues to sell out as soon as we get stock back in (did you see the lovely people Peppermint Magazine did a review?). And I dare say (at high risk of offending him) the very fact that my Uncle has been back for his second pair of shorts in as many months is good proof they are bloody good shorts. He is very fussy you see.

"Mens loungewear doesn't have to mean ancient, baggy, pilly tracksuit pants. It can actually be stylish, made from organic fabric and so comfortable that the transition from yoga to yard work to sleepwear is seamless."  Damn straight Peppermint  Magazine!! The women of the world agree!

“Mens loungewear doesn’t have to mean ancient, baggy, pilly tracksuit pants. It can actually be stylish, made from organic fabric and so comfortable that the transition from yoga to yard work to sleepwear is seamless.”
Damn straight Peppermint Magazine!! The women of the world agree!

And of course, as you might already know we have a new addition to our family. Alisha welcomed her daughter Estelle into the world on December 30 (and we have been gushing over her ever since). Continue reading

boys will be boys and girls may giggle

Today I share with the sorella-hood a simple observation as a mum in the school yard on a Thursday morning.  My daughter has started Prep and today I was able to take my time dropping her to the classroom.

We took a leisurely stroll through the playground.  As the “BIG” boys ran past she cowered in to me clenching my hand tight.  I am a highschool teacher so to me these boys are babies, but to my little preppy I could understand how to her the stomping of their school shoes on the concrete as they zoomed past us, would be quite frightening.

We stood in silence on the edge of the oval and watched the children play.  What I observed was THAT obvious that it really was drawn to my attention.

It was amazing to watch the stereotypical body language of these young souls.  The girls insecure, following the pack like little lost sheep fearful that if they lose their friends for a moment they would be lost forever.  The boys ruggedly tackling eachother and running away, pointing, pushing, shoving, laughing and chasing.  Even more humorous the girls laughing at the boys, giggling and whispering about them, trying to get their attention but also rolling eyes and being oh so much more mature.  The boys, knowing full well they were being watched, but not giving the girls any attention and continuing on their high energy adventure.  I am well aware that avoiding ‘boys germs’ begins at an early age, but I guess I was a bit surprised to see that these typical behaviors, I see in the high school yard as an educator, begin at such a young age.

boys and girls busy at play as toddlers

boys and girls busy at play as toddlers

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It’s a very pink day today. And it’s fabulous!

Today is ‘Pink Day’ at my “other job” when not working on sorella & me…as secondary school teacher!

Seeing 14-year-old boys with balloons for breasts and wearing pink bras, I’ll admit, makes me feel a little uneasy (!)… But their dress-ups and spirit is heart-warming and for a great cause – we are fundraising for Breast Cancer research as part of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. And today, I remember my beautiful Aunty who lost her young life to Breast Cancer.

sweet pink ribbon biscuits!

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Part 2: Top 5 tips for Prep Readiness

Today we have Part 2 of our guest post from Kate Davis & Christine Wyatt from Boost Therapy.  If you missed part 1, “Is your child prepped for Prep”, you can check it out here.

image by Lise Gagne via istockphoto

In Part 1, we asked the question ‘how do you know your child is ready for Prep?’ Kate and Christine helped us understand three key developmental areas we need to consider when thinking about our child’s readiness for Prep. These are:

  • Communication – Speech and language skills to be able to communicate with their teachers and peers.
  • Pre writing skills – the skills children acquire through participating in activities such as drawing, construction, craft and other fiddly tasks.
  • Independence – tasks that children need to be able to do independently in the classroom.

In understanding the specifics of these 3 key areas and thinking about your own child’s current level of development, Kate & Christine have suggested a number of things you can do to improve your child’s readiness for Prep. Here are their top 5 tips: Continue reading

Part 1: Is your child Prepped for Prep?

Is your child starting Prep next year? My daughter is and has been quizzing me about it ever since we did a tour of the school recently. Just this morning she said, “I don’t think there will be a mat to sit on, will there Mum? Just big desks?”. I explained to her that I’m pretty sure there will be a sitting area as well as desks, to which she replied, “Oh yeah, because they might like to read us stories!”

Apart from some anxiety about whether you think you are ready to be sending them off to school (something I am sure all parents worry about as the day gets closer!), you may also have some concerns about whether they are really ready for Prep…

So we are super-excited to have guests Christine Wyatt, Occupational Therapist and Kate Davis, Speech Pathologist from Boost Therapy with us this week to share some useful tips to help us first-time parents figure out whether our precious cherubs are ready for Prep… Part 1: Is your child Prepped for Prep?


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Casually Cool Mums & Beautiful Baby Bumps: Maternity & Mummy chic we can all achieve!

The last 12 months has seen some of the biggest celebrities either give birth, adopt, or fall pregnant. For today’s post we thought a little fashion drool-fest was in order to inspire the maternity wardrobe for some of our sorellas who are expecting, and for the new mummies out there in the playgrounds or off to school pick up!!

I had prepared myself to see over-styled, unachievable ensembles, however I was relieved to instead find everyday casual looks that are absolutely attainable for all of us lacking a full-time stylist!

Yep – maternity and mummy-chic is about a throw-over pretty print dress, practical jeans so you can pick your child up from the sand-pit, flats or trainers to get you to the school gate on time, and comfy tops or jackets to give you a little style yet let you move freely to juggle your child, nappy bag, pram and other daily mummy essentials.

And let me tell you, most of these pics show limited hair & make-up work too (and we all know how achievable THAT is)!

We can’t start a post like this and not feature Sarah Jessica Parker at the top. Would you agree that she epitomises casual mummy-cool?

Sarah Jessica Parker

Flame Flynet

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It’s just a lunchbox for goodness sake!

The back to school dramas dragged out as Alisha took on the budget department store lunchbox aisle – and lost. 

Lunch Box for back to schoolA quick whip out to the shops – baby boy needs a lunchbox for Kindy.  Yes, I have left it to the day before to purchase!  I do feel bad.  My daughter had a beautiful Tinkerbell lunchbox when she started Kindy – personalized with her name on it too.  I promised myself he would have all the special things she had…but nevertheless, here I am trying to find him a lunchbox they day before. Oops. Continue reading