A lifetime supply of pjs? Who would say no to that!

You may have noticed I’ve been MIA from the sorella-hood since Christmas. Sorry. And thank you to those people who lovingly asked “Where have you been?! When’s your next post?!” Delightful to know you enjoy catching up with us each week in our random silliness!

My hiatus from writing probably stemmed from the start of summer (sun, beach, cocktails). I think I must have embraced the week off at Chrissy a little more than I realised. Time to take a little breath. Some stillness. A few stunning sunrises…

Sunrise on Christmas morning at mudjimba beach - sunshine coast, Queensland

Sunrise on Christmas morning at Mudjimba beach – Sunshine coast, Queensland

Resting was fabulous. {If you are a regular in the ‘hood you’ll know I managed to get a little burnt out last yeara follow up post on how I managed getting myself out of that mess is to come – a clue… I haven’t}.

It was sunrises-a-plenty when before I knew it 2014 was slapping me in the face telling me to put down the cocktail and my mum’s hedgehog and get on with things – and it’s hard to believe almost 3 months has passed since it did.

So what’s been happening? How have you been?

We’ve enjoyed welcoming many new lovers of sorella including lots of blokes! The mens collection was a big hit for Christmas gifts and continues to sell out as soon as we get stock back in (did you see the lovely people Peppermint Magazine did a review?). And I dare say (at high risk of offending him) the very fact that my Uncle has been back for his second pair of shorts in as many months is good proof they are bloody good shorts. He is very fussy you see.

"Mens loungewear doesn't have to mean ancient, baggy, pilly tracksuit pants. It can actually be stylish, made from organic fabric and so comfortable that the transition from yoga to yard work to sleepwear is seamless."  Damn straight Peppermint  Magazine!! The women of the world agree!

“Mens loungewear doesn’t have to mean ancient, baggy, pilly tracksuit pants. It can actually be stylish, made from organic fabric and so comfortable that the transition from yoga to yard work to sleepwear is seamless.”
Damn straight Peppermint Magazine!! The women of the world agree!

And of course, as you might already know we have a new addition to our family. Alisha welcomed her daughter Estelle into the world on December 30 (and we have been gushing over her ever since). Continue reading

sneaky-peek behind the scenes! 2013 sorella & me photoshoot

It’s so exciting for us to be so close to launching a few new pieces to our much-loved sorella & me collection. After the success of the new men’s collection, we are sure you will love these new women’s and maternity pieces just as much!

To keep you salivating until they launch later this month, we’ve put together a little behind the scenes video of the shoot which we held on the Sunshine Coast. You might spot a few of these new pieces!

A big thanks to the very talented Harry Mark for putting the video together for us! Continue reading

30 by 30. It’s time to start living.

Super excited to have our little sister Zara guest post today for the sorella-hood. Thanks so much for sharing and giving us a kick up the behind Za!  Who knew little sisters could be so clever!

Zara with our mum Joan

Zara with our mum Joan

One year ago I was at a very real and very painful low point in my life. A long term relationship that I thought was going to be … ‘it’ … came to a very sudden and painful end.

My life turned a complete 180 and I had to try to find myself amongst the heartbreak, tears, depression, gin and tonics (and Maggie Beer Ice Cream).

I woke up one morning recently with an overwhelming realisation that I was pushing 30. A year ago I would have hid in my ice cream/gin soaked sheets for a week. However, this time something different occurred and I used the techniques my overpaid psychologist had taught me and transformed this negative thought into a positive one.

So, the 30 things before 30 challenge came to fruition.

An opportunity for me to savor every moment of my new found singledom and embrace life and what was left of my 20’s. A list of achievable goals which would complete my journey through the 20’s and give me the ability to reflect on this stage of my life with achievements and fond memories rather than heartbreak.

Alas, 1 problem: I found the list really hard to write.

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To dummy or not to dummy? When do WE say good-bye to the comforter?!

Early when I was in the ‘newborn haze’ I posted on Facebook “to dummy or not to dummy?”, to get advice from friends about whether I should give my baby one.  The response was mixed.  I decided to give him one. Would I give him a dummy again? Yes. My daughter didn’t have one (which is why I went searching for opinion), but the dummy was the only thing that gave me a break from breastfeeding my very thirsty son and allowing my body the time it needed to produce more milk.  It was a lifesaver in the car and he was a great sleeper with our strict rule that dummy was only for sleep time, so in the cot and in the car etc.   It was like magic – produce the dummy and off to sleep he would go.  However, I there surely isn’t a ‘one fix’ plan/approach to children, it definitely wasn’t something my daughter would have needed or benefited from.

A couple of years later and I have decided it is time for my little boy to say good-bye to the dummy. I would have gotten rid of it earlier, he is 3 soon, but I wanted to be totally available for whatever sleepless nights (I might have!) or time he might need with me in order to feel secure.  And so, over the Christmas break seems like a good time as the distraction and chaos of the festive season, and out of the normal home routine, might mean he will be tired and find it easier to go off to sleep without his dummy.

Baby's Dummy

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How to be a Good Wife: Anna goes to Marriage School

J1 (who opts out of a formal choice of religion) has generously agreed to my request for us to be married in a Catholic Church.

While I’m not a practicing supporter of the church itself, I do believe in God and I am a bit of a fan of spirituality more generally and what it can bring to your life. Like most “non-practicing-but-ok-with-God” people who have had an upbringing in a Catholic school, a few god-fearing grandparents to keep you on the straight and narrow, as well as perhaps a couple of failed attempts to ‘find something else’, here I am, still believing but slightly jaded by those at the top who run it. It’s like wanting to drink 7 cocktails without the hangover. You often can’t get one without the other, but you can sure as hell try your hardest to enjoy the best bits.

(Side note: Bring on Women Priests & Married Priests)

In deciding to proceed with the sacrament of marriage and wanting that to be carried out in a church, it became quickly evident that there were certain rules J1 & I would need to adhere to.

And I’m not talking about “NO RICE, CONFETTI, BUBBLES OR ROSE PETALS ALLOWED ON CHURCH GROUNDS” rules (kill-joys). I’m talking about attending 16 hours on wifery-perfecting for me (not to be confused with mid-wifery) and husbandry-perfecting for J1 (certainly not to be confused with animal-husbandry).

That’s right, Marriage School.

I went to Marriage School and passed. (I have a certificate to prove it).

I went to Marriage School and passed. (I have a certificate to prove it).

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What did you miss in 2012?

Welcome back to the sorella-hood for 2013! We hope you had a wonderful time over Christmas with your family and set for another fantastic year!

As parents start to get the back-to-school preparations started, and men and women over the country groan their way back to work (dreaming of any sort of opportunity to be able to quit work and financially fund a permanent residence at the beach), Alisha & I are so excited to be reaching sorella & me‘s first birthday later this month, and can’t wait to see  where this year will take us (it’s going to be hard to top an amazing 2012!).

Aside from a overwhelming love of our sleepwear collection, a very surprising aspect of sorella & me last year was the growing love for this blog. We seemed to have naturally developed a little community of wonderful people to connect with via a couple of rambling posts each week.

If we can make you smile, raise some important questions, or perhaps help even answer some questions, then all the more important our time allocated for writing becomes.

So firstly – thanks so much for your support!

For today we thought you might like to know what our top 3 posts were for 2012 – this will give you a chance to read them again or perhaps discover them for the first time if you missed them the first time around!

In spot no. 3

“10 things to make you feel old, but also make you laugh”. I have now had another birthday since writing this post so it’s even more breathtakingly-dire!

How did a kid get a whole creek named after him? Photo credit: Sony Pictures

How did a kid get a whole creek named after him? Photo credit: Sony Pictures

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A happy marriage. What’s the magic formula?

Our parents are celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary this week.

1972. Our parents on their wedding day. (Love the bow-tie Dad. Can J1 borrow it for our wedding?)

When you stop to think about it, it’s a big achievement. Massive. Just think, 40 years with that one person. My mum married my father as a sweet 21 year old – so she has spent two-thirds of her life with him.

She wouldn’t know a day without him, and he without her.

And let’s face it. It’s especially awe-inspiring with a current divorce rate of 2.3 divorces per 1,000 population (2010 figures from the Australian Bureau of Statistics).

That’s 50,200 divorces.

That’s 100,400 unhappy people (or happy people, depending on how you look at it).

That’s 1 in 217 Australians getting divorced every year! Continue reading