Hello: Honey You Baked!

We are trhilled to have Mel from Honey You Baked! guest blog for the sorella-hood today! {side note: isn’t that THE cutest blog name going around?}

Honey, You Baked! ~ are Danni & Mel, two Friends and Mamas who used to work together in Sydney and now blog together – states apart. Two Mamas, Makin’ & Bakin’ in Sydney & Tassie.

Mel lives in Hobart on a hectare of rural land where she is raising two kids and a husband (Miss E, Master O and A1). She is a Social Media Whiz, has a great love of Tasmanian Cheese & Wine and does everything at the last minute (I think Mel might be my soul-sister, she sounds an awful lot like me – minus the social media whiz thing)

Danni lives on Sydney’s beautiful Northern Beaches with her lot (Miss N, Miss Z and Himself). She’s obsessively organised, Loves Cake and Shoes and spends way too much time talking to herself. (Hmm. Ok yep, Danni sounds like my kind of gal too. Especially the cake bit).

Today Mel has shared something I think you’ll love trying out on the weekend with the kidlets (or if you’re like me, some borrowed kidlets). 

Kids Wash Away Play ~ Chalk Paint

My kids love ‘painting’ on our outdoor pavers with water, but after seeing a gazillion Pinterest posts on liquid sidewalk chalk, I decided to up the ante.

I only had natural food colouring, or my Wilton pastes, which I was concerned would stain the pavers (and the kids) in their intensity. So I used the natural food colouring to colour my ‘paint’ and we gave it a go.

The kids had a grand time painting away in the winter sunshine, but although the colours looked great in the tray, they all looked much the same once dry. For a more intense colour, it may be worth giving it a try with regular food colouring which should give a stronger colour result once painted on – obviously all surfaces react differently. The kids didn’t mind, it was all about the creating for them, and I was happy to have them occupied outside.

The best thing about this activity is that the mess just washes away with the next rainy day (or a hose!)

HYB Wash Away Play

You’ll Need
1 cup of corn flour
1 cup of water
Natural food colouring
Paint pots/painters palette or a muffin tray
Paint brushes

The How To
• In a bowl, mix together the corn flour and water until thoroughly combined.
• Pour equal amounts into your containers and then add a few drops of food colouring to each pot to make your desired colours. Mix well.
• Paint, enjoy and wash away when finished!

wash away paint Honey You Baked butterfly painting

Whichever colouring you choose, I suggest doing a test patch somewhere first, let it dry and make sure that it washes easily away. After 4 days of being left on the pavers with no rain, ours washed away with the next downpour.

Enjoy! Mel x

Thanks so much Mel! I’m looking forward to trying this out with my nieces and nephew.

Head over to Mel & Danni’s gorgeous blog www.honeyyoubaked.com where they have lots of yummy recipes, kids play ideas, free printables and home organisation tips to make your life just a little bit easier. And they are also on Facebook & Instagram too!

Do let us know if you try out this activity with your little (&/or big) ones!

x anna


3 things no.2! || boobies, coconuts, birth

Did you like our first 3 things?

Well then let’s not stop now. Here’s edition no.2!

3 things I learnt/realised/randomly thought about this week || no.2


I spent the weekend on the Sunshine Coast (Queensland) visiting my 3 nieces and nephew and apart from an education in Frozen, I came away with some gold-nugget quotes that are still making me laugh.

This is perhaps my favourite – from my 4 year-old nephew who I guess has had a lesson or two at Kindy on God recently:

“God is in your heart. Your heart is in the middle of your boobies”

 Fair enough.

My nephew. Always smiling (and always happy to entertain a crowd ie. the future Hugh Jackman?)

My nephew. Always smiling (and always happy to entertain a crowd ie. the future Hugh Jackman?)


Actually, also a Chia Seed farm, Quinoa farm, Cacao farm… I would be a bazillionaire right now.

AND have wonderful skin.

In addition to a coconut plantation, I would also have my very own personal coconut opener. This guy I met in Fiji collects the nuts from local farms, pays them a fee, then sells them roadside for weary travellers!

In addition to a coconut plantation, I would also have my very own human-coconut opener. This guy I met in Fiji collects the nuts from local farms, pays them a fee, then sells them roadside for weary travellers. Makes a motza he does.


That means that in the time taken to eat my lunch, 5 brilliant women have been to hell and back. 

Just holding my sanga to my mouth is often a hard enough physical challenge for me some days. Nice work ladies.

the sorella baby. THE cutest.  Her mother is lucky she didn't get put in my handbag after shooting to bring home with me.

The sorella baby. THE cutest. Her mother is lucky she didn’t get put in my handbag after shooting the catalogue to bring home with me.

And that’s a wrap for another exciting instalment of 3 things!

I would love to hear what you have learnt/realised/randomly though about this week?

~ anna x

Part 2: Top 5 tips for Prep Readiness

Today we have Part 2 of our guest post from Kate Davis & Christine Wyatt from Boost Therapy.  If you missed part 1, “Is your child prepped for Prep”, you can check it out here.

image by Lise Gagne via istockphoto

In Part 1, we asked the question ‘how do you know your child is ready for Prep?’ Kate and Christine helped us understand three key developmental areas we need to consider when thinking about our child’s readiness for Prep. These are:

  • Communication – Speech and language skills to be able to communicate with their teachers and peers.
  • Pre writing skills – the skills children acquire through participating in activities such as drawing, construction, craft and other fiddly tasks.
  • Independence – tasks that children need to be able to do independently in the classroom.

In understanding the specifics of these 3 key areas and thinking about your own child’s current level of development, Kate & Christine have suggested a number of things you can do to improve your child’s readiness for Prep. Here are their top 5 tips: Continue reading

Part 1: Is your child Prepped for Prep?

Is your child starting Prep next year? My daughter is and has been quizzing me about it ever since we did a tour of the school recently. Just this morning she said, “I don’t think there will be a mat to sit on, will there Mum? Just big desks?”. I explained to her that I’m pretty sure there will be a sitting area as well as desks, to which she replied, “Oh yeah, because they might like to read us stories!”

Apart from some anxiety about whether you think you are ready to be sending them off to school (something I am sure all parents worry about as the day gets closer!), you may also have some concerns about whether they are really ready for Prep…

So we are super-excited to have guests Christine Wyatt, Occupational Therapist and Kate Davis, Speech Pathologist from Boost Therapy with us this week to share some useful tips to help us first-time parents figure out whether our precious cherubs are ready for Prep… Part 1: Is your child Prepped for Prep?


Continue reading

What would you do? Would you help a crying newborn baby left alone, or respect a parents choice?

I got out of the car at Kindy and while standing door open to let my daughter out, I heard a screaming baby.

My daughter ran to the footpath to wait for me and as I turned to see where the shrill cry was coming from, I realised it was from inside the car next to me.

There was a sun protector screen on the window so I couldn’t see through, but as I made my way to the footpath to join my daughter I realised there wasn’t an adult in the front seat.  Putting the pieces together it dawned on me that this baby had been left, while mum or dad took another child in for the Kindy drop off.

It was then that I froze. Literally froze. I was suddenly in a moment of torment as the scream (and I mean that brand-new infant scream) kept on and on. My motherly instinct had literally taken over my body and I was drawn to this baby clearly in need.

Do I go to the aid of the baby? Open the car door and shake a toy or something until mum or dad returns? If they knew their baby was so upset, would they want me to do this?

No, I walked away very slowly with my daughter actually pulling me along to get inside.

PhotoInc via istockphoto

Once inside, I felt ill. This crying baby certainly wasn’t feeling secure in this moment. Continue reading

Hello! You’re Welcome!

While my sorella (sister) Alisha will vouch for the fact that I am a rather hostile verbally expressive driver, she will also tell you that I value ‘the thank you wave’ like no other act of kindness.  I often strain my neck and risk a prolapsed disc I am that enthusiastic to give another driver a wave.  Sometimes I fear they might not have seen my ‘wave of thanks’ and then what? Will they think I am ungrateful? To make sure, I wave a second time once I have merged into their lane.

That’s right, I do a double-wave, just to be sure.

A fully outstretched arm with your body half way out the window is a great technique to ensure your wave is seen by the other driver
Image via Clara Bow Archive, credit P.& A. PHOTO

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Is it me or my daughter you don’t like?

There have been a few changes for my daughter at childcare this year as she has now moved into the Kindy room. It was a time to get to know some new friends, as many of the kids she played with last year have now left for Prep.

Climbing a tree

Climbing Tree Fun at the Park - my daughter & her little brother

As the weeks went on I started to hear the same name being repeated – let’s call her… ‘Anne’.  My daughter would come home talking about Anne regularly.  I would ask her “How was your day?” and she would reply with:

“Anne did ‘this’, and it was so funny when Anne did ‘that’”Continue reading