The thing we all have to do in life now and then (that makes me want to hide in a cardboard box with a bottle of wine, rock back and forth and pretend it isn’t happening)

So I’m facing something this fortnight that is in my top 5 of life’s most painful must-dos.  Others seem to manage it quite well. Some even live to tell the tale while facing it in a foreign country while 9 months pregnant and a toddler in tow.

But no, not me.

I’m a weakling. This thing takes so much thought, effort, and quite often – pain.

It can rattle me to my core of vulnerability. I lie awake at night with questions:

“How am I going to make this work? How the bloody hell am I going to get though this?”

In the past when a friend informs me that they are facing this life change, I cringe. My stomach drops.

I want to back away slowly, while offering the usual pitiful condolences that are called for in times like these – pitiful because really, there is nothing to say to help ease the pain:

“What a terrible thing to have to face when life was rolling on so well, and you were so comfy. Good luck my dear friend. See you on the other side”…

I sometimes take around a ready-made meal or two. God knows they’ll be needing it.

I sometimes also offer a spare pair of hands. But only if they are a really really close friend.

If they aren’t – they will not see me. They will not hear from me. I will wait a good few weeks just to make sure they are through the thick of it and ready to get back into life.

And I wouldn’t expect any of my friends to stick around either. No friend should have to help carry this burden.

Or my fridge.

Wish me luck my dear sorellas.

It’s moving house day.

empty box 2 box 2

I find that hiding in a packing box for a while every now and then can help reduce anxiety

I find that hiding in a packing box for a while now and then can help reduce anxiety.

What are your tips for surviving moving house?

~ anna

P.S Renting’s a bitch.


sneaky-peek behind the scenes! 2013 sorella & me photoshoot

It’s so exciting for us to be so close to launching a few new pieces to our much-loved sorella & me collection. After the success of the new men’s collection, we are sure you will love these new women’s and maternity pieces just as much!

To keep you salivating until they launch later this month, we’ve put together a little behind the scenes video of the shoot which we held on the Sunshine Coast. You might spot a few of these new pieces!

A big thanks to the very talented Harry Mark for putting the video together for us! Continue reading

The girl has a voice

It’s not every day you get to say one of your besties is a rock star – even if in response to that title, this friend would say that’s the most ridiculous thing she has ever heard and end up in a fit of laughter. The laugh is infectious. As is the voice.

I’m sitting here in the sorella & me office listening to her EP (which our neighbours also get to hear on repeat most days), and I think if anyone has an EP on iTunes, I have paid good-hard-earned money for it, and I really really love it… then said person meets the definition of Rockstar in my book.

LIVI ROBINSMeet Livi Robins.

Friends since we were 18, Livi and I lived together in Brisbane while we were at Uni where a lot of chicken chips were consumed and Bold & the Beautiful episodes watched.

She was studying something very non-rockstar-ish: Radiography. Not that there isn’t anything sexy about a fractured fibula. It’s just not really a typical career choice for a musically talented person who is destined to be a rockstar is it? Continue reading

I quite fancy the idea of being Nigella Lawson’s sister!

Nigella Lawsons new Book Nigellissima

Nigella Lawson’s new Book Nigellissima

It was my birthday yesterday, and my fiancé had no chance of winning the gift giving competition when my friend handed me a copy of Nigella Lawson’s new cookbook signed by the Queen of Cookery herself.

I LOVE being Nigella's 'sorella' (sister)

I quite fancy the idea of being Nigella’s ‘sorella’ (sister).

The message was as sweet as I expect her Nutella chocolate cheesecake will be (page 175).

There has been alot of discussion about the inevitable demise of physical books from our lives. Page-turning is a dying pastime and instead, more and more of us are finding ourselves giving up and joining the masses in tablet reading.  Even my future mother-in-law has recently acquired an iPad – and this paper-page turning aficionado has confessed that she loves it. It will only be a matter of time before we see a Kindle in her hands. Continue reading

OMG you have been such a jerk today!

Sometimes my fiancé J1 and I can have a good-old fashion barney.

Not often, but let’s say more regular than a solar eclipse.

Me & J1 – obviously an occasion in between barneys

I know – so crazy right? Here you were thinking I was one of those people with such a level of high emotional intelligence and a perfect relationship meaning I never have disagreements with my partner (I will assume you are either new to our blog and/or haven’t read this post, or this post, or this post )….

With us both being a little ‘strong-willed’ in our approach to life, sure makes for some interesting conversations now and then.

Sometimes these conversations end up making me not want to talk to him for a certain period of time. Basically for as long as I can possibly hold out. I’m really good at the silent treatment.

The problem is, after a reasonable amount of huffing and puffing, possibly crying if it’s a really crappy argument, feet stomping, or grumbling (or all of the above) and I need someone to turn to, someone to console me in my hurt, someone to give me a cuddle and say “It’s ok, it’s not a big deal”…  I realise it’s him. It’s him I want to make me feel better.

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Gettin’ bloggie with it!

If you’ve kept an eye on the sorella & me facebook page over the last few days you would have seen that Anna and I were fortunate to spend two days at the ProBlogger Training Event in Melbourne – getting our bloggie on!! The event brings 300 bloggers of all levels together to learn and network.

Anna and I really enjoy writing the sorella-hood blog and connecting with you all here, sharing our observations on ‘life’, and hopefully providing you a place to have a laugh (at our expense) or learn something new.  We were grateful for the opportunity to find out how do this better by attending the ProBlogger training – it was such a treat to take some time out to listen and learn from the experts in the country… as experts on blogging we certainly are not!

What we perhaps enjoyed the most was meeting lots of fabulous people in the blogging game. Many who have amazing stories to share, are very clever, and are very very funny!

So for a little round-up of our experience, we thought you might like to know a little more about who these people are that dedicate such a big part of their lives writing…. What are bloggers all about?

Here’s what we reckon:

1. Bloggers are generous & inspiring.

They have great advice and experience and are willing to share with others with open arms.  This is unheard of in many areas of life – You rarely have experts in their field so willing to help others succeed. It was incredibly refreshing.

One of the ProBlogger panel of speakers: From left to right, Eden Riley of Edenland; Mrs Woog; of Woogsworld and Lorraine Murphy from blogging agency The Remarkables Group

2. Bloggers feel like old friends

Bloggers feel like good friends you’ve known for ages. They are real people with real stories and they make it easy for you to feel a connection with them. We ‘know’ many virtually and it was wonderful to finally meet them in person, including Nikki from Styling You.

There were lots of chatting ops (usually over lots of food…See point 4)

3. Bloggers have great hair. Continue reading

The joys of being a Mum – Happy Mothers Day!

In case you have been sleeping under a rock – It’s Mothers Day on Sunday!

So we thought it would be timely to sit down with 5 of our beautiful friends and share what’s special about being a Mum (and what’s on their wish-list this Mothers Day – we hope their partners are taking notes!).


Hello I’m Carrie – I’m a Literacy Coach, wife, and mum of 2 children – Charli who is 10 and Zeke is 6. We live in Geelong in Victoria.

Carrie with her 2 children - Charli & Zeke

What makes being a mum special? 

Just being a mum is special, I feel so blessed! Being a working mum, no matter how hectic my day may have been, coming home to cuddles and my children wanting to share everything with me is truly amazing!

What is the funniest thing your child has ever said to you?

They have said so many funny things but I have such a bad memory when it comes to sharing quotes but an instance that certainly made me laugh was when we were fortunate enough to travel through Europe for my brother’s wedding.  Zeke was just about to turn 5 and one night in our motor-home in a caravan park in France he said, “Mum, say parlez vous anglais'” {Translation: Do you speak English?}, so of course I did – with which he responded in his best French accent “little bit – little bit!”.  I think perhaps he picked up on us wanting to speak more English with the locals than French!

How you will you celebrate Mother’s Day?

With all the whispers around my house at the moment I’m excited to see what is planned! My husband is so unbelievably thoughtful and he always helps the children make it a special day.  I also love catching up with my mum so hopefully we’ll get together for lunch or dinner.

What’s on your Mother’s Day wish list?

I only have two things on my list! After receiving my sorella & me sleepshirt for Christmas I have pretty much lived in it each night when I get home and with the cold weather coming on I need something a bit warmer.  So kids if you read this I REALLY WANT a grey lounge wrap and evening sky drawstring pant…PLEASE!!

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