Hello: Honey You Baked!

We are trhilled to have Mel from Honey You Baked! guest blog for the sorella-hood today! {side note: isn’t that THE cutest blog name going around?}

Honey, You Baked! ~ are Danni & Mel, two Friends and Mamas who used to work together in Sydney and now blog together – states apart. Two Mamas, Makin’ & Bakin’ in Sydney & Tassie.

Mel lives in Hobart on a hectare of rural land where she is raising two kids and a husband (Miss E, Master O and A1). She is a Social Media Whiz, has a great love of Tasmanian Cheese & Wine and does everything at the last minute (I think Mel might be my soul-sister, she sounds an awful lot like me – minus the social media whiz thing)

Danni lives on Sydney’s beautiful Northern Beaches with her lot (Miss N, Miss Z and Himself). She’s obsessively organised, Loves Cake and Shoes and spends way too much time talking to herself. (Hmm. Ok yep, Danni sounds like my kind of gal too. Especially the cake bit).

Today Mel has shared something I think you’ll love trying out on the weekend with the kidlets (or if you’re like me, some borrowed kidlets). 

Kids Wash Away Play ~ Chalk Paint

My kids love ‘painting’ on our outdoor pavers with water, but after seeing a gazillion Pinterest posts on liquid sidewalk chalk, I decided to up the ante.

I only had natural food colouring, or my Wilton pastes, which I was concerned would stain the pavers (and the kids) in their intensity. So I used the natural food colouring to colour my ‘paint’ and we gave it a go.

The kids had a grand time painting away in the winter sunshine, but although the colours looked great in the tray, they all looked much the same once dry. For a more intense colour, it may be worth giving it a try with regular food colouring which should give a stronger colour result once painted on – obviously all surfaces react differently. The kids didn’t mind, it was all about the creating for them, and I was happy to have them occupied outside.

The best thing about this activity is that the mess just washes away with the next rainy day (or a hose!)

HYB Wash Away Play

You’ll Need
1 cup of corn flour
1 cup of water
Natural food colouring
Paint pots/painters palette or a muffin tray
Paint brushes

The How To
• In a bowl, mix together the corn flour and water until thoroughly combined.
• Pour equal amounts into your containers and then add a few drops of food colouring to each pot to make your desired colours. Mix well.
• Paint, enjoy and wash away when finished!

wash away paint Honey You Baked butterfly painting

Whichever colouring you choose, I suggest doing a test patch somewhere first, let it dry and make sure that it washes easily away. After 4 days of being left on the pavers with no rain, ours washed away with the next downpour.

Enjoy! Mel x

Thanks so much Mel! I’m looking forward to trying this out with my nieces and nephew.

Head over to Mel & Danni’s gorgeous blog www.honeyyoubaked.com where they have lots of yummy recipes, kids play ideas, free printables and home organisation tips to make your life just a little bit easier. And they are also on Facebook & Instagram too!

Do let us know if you try out this activity with your little (&/or big) ones!

x anna


30 by 30. It’s time to start living.

Super excited to have our little sister Zara guest post today for the sorella-hood. Thanks so much for sharing and giving us a kick up the behind Za!  Who knew little sisters could be so clever!

Zara with our mum Joan

Zara with our mum Joan

One year ago I was at a very real and very painful low point in my life. A long term relationship that I thought was going to be … ‘it’ … came to a very sudden and painful end.

My life turned a complete 180 and I had to try to find myself amongst the heartbreak, tears, depression, gin and tonics (and Maggie Beer Ice Cream).

I woke up one morning recently with an overwhelming realisation that I was pushing 30. A year ago I would have hid in my ice cream/gin soaked sheets for a week. However, this time something different occurred and I used the techniques my overpaid psychologist had taught me and transformed this negative thought into a positive one.

So, the 30 things before 30 challenge came to fruition.

An opportunity for me to savor every moment of my new found singledom and embrace life and what was left of my 20’s. A list of achievable goals which would complete my journey through the 20’s and give me the ability to reflect on this stage of my life with achievements and fond memories rather than heartbreak.

Alas, 1 problem: I found the list really hard to write.

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Just Do It! Top 10 Questions asked when planning a family adventure!

Packing the kids up for an overnighter, or even a day out always seems like such a big task.  Do I really need to take all this stuff??!!! The logistics of car seats, strollers, bedding, food and all the rest can be daunting, let alone organising a simple bag so I can easily locate hats, sunscreen and wipes!

Getting to the destination is one thing – then there is the actual heading out and exploring. What can we do that they kids will enjoy? How do we know a certain activity will suit our family’s needs?

Our friends at Do It Tour (Australia’s best online tour and experience booking company) have agreed to guest blog this week and have provided some tips and advice for booking a family tour – which may help alleviate the unknown and encourage families to get out and explore with their little ones. 

So over to Renai from Do It Tour, and their Top 10 questions asked by families wishing to take their children on an adventure!


As an online tour booking agent, and a mother, I know how exciting it can be booking and planning your next family getaway. With limited opportunity for holiday extravagances most of us want to make sure that we have the best opportunity to really enjoy ourselves… including the children!

So how do you make sure that your children’s needs are catered for?

I have put together a list of the Top 10 questions I am commonly asked by families wishing to take their children on a day tour, day cruise or adventure experience.  I hope they are helpful for assisting you plan your next family adventure!

A side note – I’ve tried my best to keep them general because we have 1300 tours Australia wide that we offer on Do It Tour! If you have any specific questions about any of our tours, please don’t hesitate to contact me – Ph0404 404 357; www.doittour.com.

1. Can you accommodate strollers on a tour?

Many tours accommodate compact strollers however many smaller transfer vehicles do not have luggage compartments and you will be required to store your collapsed stroller in your allocated seating area (eg. under your feet).

image source: Do It Tour

image source: Do It Tour

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There’s no place like home…

Many parts of Australia are experiencing a heat wave over the coming days. But 40+ temperatures are the summer-norm for some and is just one of the many challenges living in outback Australia… Being a new first-time mother with limited support and resources is another, and today on the blog my good friend Peta shares her story (which never ceases to blow me away everytime I think about it!)…

I live in a small town.  No, not small like Toowoomba, Dubbo, or Bendigo, small like a place you’ve never heard of, on a road not many travel.

Just like ‘city mums’, my daughter and I enjoy walking. Only, our scenery is a little ‘different’ and our choice of routes are somewhat limited!

Eighty-ish people live in my town, and I know them all; by name, occupation and preferred drink.  When I had my first child they knew all about it too.  We called my partner’s father  the morning after my daughter was born, and by 7:45am all members of the community knew the weight, length and name of our little girl… with slight variations on the spelling. Continue reading

The journey continues for a courageous friend of the sorella-hood: Living with the BRACA1 Gene (Part 2)

October is Australia’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month – a time to show support for women, men, and their families who are affected by breast cancer, as well as raise awareness to aid in the early detection and prevention of this disease.

Breast Cancer is the most common cancer in Australian women, with one in 9 Australian women diagnosed before the age of 85 (see more info & stats at www.nbf.org.au). It’s for this reason that ‘Pink Month’ is so crucial for fundraising efforts in driving ongoing research to understand this cancer better, and improve prevention and treatment options. And most importantly, to hopefully find a cure.

Last week we re blogged our dear friend Elise’ post on part 1 of her journey to prevent developing breast cancer. Elise’ original post was one of our most popular this year. It obviously resonated with many of you out there either going through something similar or know someone who is.

To coincide with Breast Cancer Awareness Month today Elise shares part 2 of her ongoing journey with the sorella-hood.

The White House goes pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month (image http://www.whitehouse.gov)

The Next Step: Living with the BRACA1 Gene

Just over a year has passed since I had my bilateral mastectomy, and to be quite honest, until I started writing this I hadn’t realised it had been that long! Continue reading

Elise shares her story for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

It’s October! And it’s certainly very hard to ignore the amount of wonderful pink pink pink splattered everywhere at the moment meaning it’s also Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

This is a very important time for alisha & I because, like so many people, we have had some friends and family close to us lose their battle with breast cancer.

However thankfully survival rates have improved more recently and this has a lot to do with the tireless efforts of many to raise funds for research which in turn leads to improved detection and treatment options.

National Breast Cancer Foundation - October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Statistic of the National Breast Cancer Foundation

Back in February of this year, we shared our dear friend Elise’s story with you. Elise was faced with a very difficult choice when she found out she had the BRACA1 gene – a strong indicator for the likelihood of developing breast cancer. It’s now 12 months since her surgery, and we know many of you are keen to hear how she is doing.

Today we are posting Part 1 of her story again for those who may have missed it the first time around, and next Tuesday, we will share her update.


Breast Examination
Photo by Sean Locke

My mother’s side of the family has a little issue we have been dealing with for a while now. And, as expected, it is now directly affecting me. Continue reading

We received a really lovely review from Melbourne Blogger Pip Mooney of The Daily Wipe that we thought we’d share today.

Pip blogs about parenting, fashion, beauty, and food – and everything in between! Who is the latest celeb to fall pregs, or just gave birth? You’ll hear it first from Pip! Which designer label is set to release a new children’s line? Pip will know about it…. We love her blog!

Pip is currently pregnant herself and due in November. We wish you all the very best for the remainder of your pregnancy Pip and the arrival of your new bubba!
~ alisha & anna

the daily wipe

If you’re like me and have been on the hunt for sleepwear to pack for the big day that doesn’t make you feel and look like you’ve just endured the most challenging day of your life, then look no further.

Because boy do the girls at Sorella & Me really know how to make a girl feel gooood!

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