3 very obvious but helpful tips for that elusive little bugger: sleep

I recently had one of those nights where I was totally screwed-up-scratch-your-eyes-out exhausted – but for the life of me I just couldn’t sleep.

And we all know that lack of sleep is the evil-cousin of psychotic behaviour for the rest of the next day (or sometimes few days). I have enough crazy-old-lady-hormones to mange let alone being a lunatic from no zzzzz’s added to the mix.

Although the other night was hopefully a one-off event, I’ve actually had bouts of insomnia on and off for about 12 months now (due in part to this: The Day I got into the shower and looked down – and realised I had a big problem). And whenever I did manage to get some sleep, I’d be greeted with some pretty hairy nightmares. So I actually began to loath going to bed altogether.

If I am able to sleep I usually end up having terrible nightmares. I've tried everything to stop them with no luck... so I have recently invested in a Dreamcatcher...  Nightmares be gone!

I invested in a dream catcher from an Native American dude who was convinced it would work for me… And given I’m an open-minded kind of gal, I decided to give it a whirl – Nightmares be gone or I’ll stick my feathers up ya!

For whatever reason, the Festival of Nightmares pretty much stopped earlier this year. No farewell party – they just slipped off into the night and only come back to say hi every few weeks. Continue reading

It’s a good day for getting mental

We often think of our improving health solely with a ‘physical’ approach, that is, doing anything that requires perspiration, grunting, and lycra.  And while this is of course a very important approach for achieving optimal health, it’s easy to forget that our mind also needs love, care and strengthening.

How true is it that our minds – as important as they are – get the left over scraps when it comes to TLC?  I had an alert on my phone for 18 months that would go off every day at midday saying “Anna! Stop! Meditate!’. I was asking myself to commit to just 5 minutes away from whatever was consuming me at that time and give my mind some dedicated ‘exercise’.

Just 5 minutes.

How many times do you think I stopped to mediate over that 18 month period? It’s embarrassing to say. I can count them on one hand.

Four. Just four times.

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Improving Australian children’s health – 1 step at a time!

If you’ve been a follower of sorella & me for a while, you will already know we value the work of the Murdoch Childrens Research Institute.

The Murdoch Childrens Research Institute works towards “finding preventions and treatments for hundreds of common and rare childhood illnesses, so that kids everywhere can have a healthy future”.

Such critical work requires community support and donations. So we want to make sure you know all about their latest fundraiser: Step-a-thon!

Murdoch Childrens Research Institute Stepathon Continue reading

Getting back to basics

I did start planning a holiday in a resort.  The weather was forecast pretty terrible and although I enjoyed the idea of a resort pool, day spa and room service, I did secretly like the idea of a holiday that was ‘about the kids’.  In a tent, behind sand dunes allowing them to run and play and be freeeeeeeeee.

always an early start when camping with children- surf's  up!

It is always an early start when camping with children – surf’s up!

So the recent school holidays we packed up ALOT of ‘stuff’ and went camping.  I grew up doing a lot of camping with my family.  I thought camping was what all families did on holidays!  We hadn’t been on a camping trip for a while though.  Things have been pretty busy and getting away was a luxury we just couldn’t seem to fit in.

let's go fly a kite...la..la...la...

let’s go fly a kite…la..la…la…

It’s amazing how much children learn when they are taken into a new environment. Not just bike riding and scootering, but how to tie knots, heading to night markets because there is no agenda to worry about tiredness the next day, dancing in the pub at the Sunday session (oops that was me but my daughter did learn how to create a beat with a black sock and a box!), how to cook toast without a toaster, how to play board games (remember those?!!) and the list goes on and on.

KerPlunk! My 3 year old wanted the marbles my 5 year old understood the game and didn't, so in this game "everyone's a winner"!!!

KerPlunk! My 3-year-old wanted the marbles my 5-year-old understood the game and didn’t, so in this game “everyone’s a winner”!!!

bike riding - yes I am on my bike! ;)

bike riding – yes I am on my bike! 😉

I will admit I found it a bit difficult to completely disconnect from the online world.  Our neighbour campers with teenage children had their i-devices all charging at the bbq area and there were 8 getting re-booted!  But my 5-year-old didn’t miss TV or movies on the iPad.  She was happy teaching her little brother how to play snap in the tent – or at least telling him when to snap to give him a win (love her to bits!)

Enjoying the outdoors and playing with no reason to have to stop!

Enjoying the outdoors and playing with no reason to have to stop!

BUT – next holiday perhaps I will consider a comfy bed in a resort! My sleep was disrupted because I was up checking the kids were covered NUMEROUS times throughout the night, so this was pretty tiresome.

The perfect picnic spot.  Tweed Coast.

The perfect picnic spot watching the surfers. Tweed Coast.

On the upside, I got to sleep with the sound of rain on the tent with my little family close by, and that was pretty damn cosy and fun!!

our tent in the morning sunshine

our tent in the morning sunshine

Have you got a great family holiday idea you could share with the sorella-hood? We would love for you to leave a comment here below or post on our Facebook page. alisha x

dogy do-do or dogy don’t?

I am an animal lover. Usually when people say that out loud, others automatically assume they are NOT animal lovers and are trying to convince you otherwise. I must admit though I was frightened of dogs as a child.  Might have something to do with holding a tyre hubcap full of dog food and my grandfather letting two greyhounds off the leash, expecting me to put the food down.  Of course, in seeing them galloping towards me the food went in the air I screamed and ran away.  Not traumatized by this at all.

Anyway, I digress.  I am an animal lover.  On a recent attempt to get fit I began back at my local gym.  Just a little free trial because if my 3-year-old doesn’t like the crèche there is no point joining up.

My little boy sitting on the footpath in under the A-frame gym sign out the front of the gym wasn’t a good start.  Trying to coerce him out to come inside (this was day two by the way so he knew what was up and quite cheekily enjoyed crawling in to hide from me) wasn’t fun.  Thank-fully it only took a few minutes to get him out so I was pretty relieved – I was anticipating I could have been there acting all calm and ‘together’ on the street for a good while!

On older photo of my son hiding in an A-frame signs.  This has been something he has loved to do for a while!

On older photo of my son hiding in an A-frame sign. This has been something he has loved to do for a while!

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How to get back into exercise after pregnancy

Did you get into the fun of the Olympics? I have LOVED all the photos posted on social media this past month by friends of their children dressed up like their favourite athletes – some with goggles and their bathing suit, some with their BMX, some with their netball uniforms. So cute!

And I will admit to also getting caught up in the spirit of the games and feeling quite spurred on to get back into some more formal sport (although I do think my netball days are over – my engagement ring can barely fit over my broken knuckle)….

So my plan is to get back into a running program as well as yoga – 2 things I have always loved but have somehow got out of the groove of incorporating into my every-day.

Getting back into exercise reminded me of a great guest-post from February by Melissa Vandewater – Triathlete, Ironwoman, 2012 Olympic Trials competitor and all-round fabulous bird. She is an incredible athlete and an inspiration. Any time I catch up with her I drown myself in her tips for getting and staying motivated.

I know there are also some women in the sorella-hood that feel like they could also use a boost to get back into running since the birth of their baby. So I thought I’d re-blog her post on helping you get back into a routine, and you’ll be running like wonder woman (but in a more supportive bra) in no time!

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The Lingerie Football League: Professional Sport or Professional Porn?

If you were hoping for a post full of sunshine and rainbows today – unfortunately you’re not going to get it.

I have just picked my jaw up off the ground after watching one of the major morning TV shows promote the Lingerie Football League throughout the morning and to be honest, along with many women and men in the twitterverse, I’m not happy about it.

Lingerie Football League

Lingerie Football League Website’s Homepage – the marketing message is obvious

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