A lifetime supply of pjs? Who would say no to that!

You may have noticed I’ve been MIA from the sorella-hood since Christmas. Sorry. And thank you to those people who lovingly asked “Where have you been?! When’s your next post?!” Delightful to know you enjoy catching up with us each week in our random silliness!

My hiatus from writing probably stemmed from the start of summer (sun, beach, cocktails). I think I must have embraced the week off at Chrissy a little more than I realised. Time to take a little breath. Some stillness. A few stunning sunrises…

Sunrise on Christmas morning at mudjimba beach - sunshine coast, Queensland

Sunrise on Christmas morning at Mudjimba beach – Sunshine coast, Queensland

Resting was fabulous. {If you are a regular in the ‘hood you’ll know I managed to get a little burnt out last yeara follow up post on how I managed getting myself out of that mess is to come – a clue… I haven’t}.

It was sunrises-a-plenty when before I knew it 2014 was slapping me in the face telling me to put down the cocktail and my mum’s hedgehog and get on with things – and it’s hard to believe almost 3 months has passed since it did.

So what’s been happening? How have you been?

We’ve enjoyed welcoming many new lovers of sorella including lots of blokes! The mens collection was a big hit for Christmas gifts and continues to sell out as soon as we get stock back in (did you see the lovely people Peppermint Magazine did a review?). And I dare say (at high risk of offending him) the very fact that my Uncle has been back for his second pair of shorts in as many months is good proof they are bloody good shorts. He is very fussy you see.

"Mens loungewear doesn't have to mean ancient, baggy, pilly tracksuit pants. It can actually be stylish, made from organic fabric and so comfortable that the transition from yoga to yard work to sleepwear is seamless."  Damn straight Peppermint  Magazine!! The women of the world agree!

“Mens loungewear doesn’t have to mean ancient, baggy, pilly tracksuit pants. It can actually be stylish, made from organic fabric and so comfortable that the transition from yoga to yard work to sleepwear is seamless.”
Damn straight Peppermint Magazine!! The women of the world agree!

And of course, as you might already know we have a new addition to our family. Alisha welcomed her daughter Estelle into the world on December 30 (and we have been gushing over her ever since). Continue reading

The girl has a voice

It’s not every day you get to say one of your besties is a rock star – even if in response to that title, this friend would say that’s the most ridiculous thing she has ever heard and end up in a fit of laughter. The laugh is infectious. As is the voice.

I’m sitting here in the sorella & me office listening to her EP (which our neighbours also get to hear on repeat most days), and I think if anyone has an EP on iTunes, I have paid good-hard-earned money for it, and I really really love it… then said person meets the definition of Rockstar in my book.

LIVI ROBINSMeet Livi Robins.

Friends since we were 18, Livi and I lived together in Brisbane while we were at Uni where a lot of chicken chips were consumed and Bold & the Beautiful episodes watched.

She was studying something very non-rockstar-ish: Radiography. Not that there isn’t anything sexy about a fractured fibula. It’s just not really a typical career choice for a musically talented person who is destined to be a rockstar is it? Continue reading

New styles, photoshoots, and awards!

Hard to believe we are through half of another year isn’t it?

Time seems to be flying by, and life with sorella & me has been a big part of that. We have been super busy and have so many exciting things to share with you in the coming months – the first of which is our photoshoot next Friday…. if you think this might indicate we are adding new pieces to the current collection, you’d be right!

Stay tuned for some behind the scenes photos next week for your first look of what’s coming!

Behind the Scenes - 2012 sorella & me photoshoot

Behind the Scenes – 2012 sorella & me photoshoot

Continue reading

I will use my Lady-Card. And you should too ~ The Great Australian Gender Card Debacle

I’m confused. Since when has our (now unfortunately former) Prime Minister Julia Gillard played a type of game where a deck of cards are involved?

Did our PM unfairly present some sort of ‘Pass Go and collect $200’ card when in 2012 she was faced with cartoons of her naked and wearing a dildo that were emailed to all federal parliamentarians? Did she unfairly play her lady-card in this now infamous speech or was she simply saying, “That’s not acceptable”, and at the same time sending a very crucial and over-due message to the women of Australia who needed to hear it.

It seems that as soon as any high profile woman raises questions about comments, judgments or decisions made blatantly to vilify or humiliate either themselves or women more broadly, there is a group of angry people ready to go on the attack with:

“Awwww no-fair! (Stomps ground). You are playing that woman-card-thingy again!” (Crosses arms, drops to the floor, and lies there sobbing while impersonating a sack of potatoes… much like my 3 year old nephew last week when I wouldn’t buy him an ice-cream).

Gender card! Gender card! I spot a Gender Card!

I reckon any kid on a Year 5 debating team could argue a point better than these guys.  And I guess there lies the problem – the old GC Defense is the only defense they have.

That’s what it makes it so pathetic.

If standing up for myself somehow means I am playing some sort of card – then please, pass me a lifetime supply of those cards. I am more than happy to use one any time I am made to feel like I am less of a person because I have a vagina. 

(ooooh, she said vagina!) Continue reading

Beware of the fiery Dragon in her make-shift cyclone bunker. She will eat you up and spit you out if you don’t put that camera away.

WARNING: today is a rant-fest.

It’s no secret that we are paying too much for the same product a US or UK shopper can purchase it for.  Regardless of its country of origin, they can have the same item significantly cheaper than we can in Australia.  Some products I have come across are somehow miraculously 70% more expensive as soon as they land on our shores and into our shops.

And that, to me, stinks.

In case you weren’t aware, we offer the sorella & me women’s and maternity collection to anyone in the world for the same price an Australian pays for it.

Why? Because why should an international customer pay more than an Australian customer? They shouldn’t.

Why should they pay less than an Australian customer?  They shouldn’t.

Make no mistake, it’s the 2 major Australian department stores that have been the front runners for excessive mark ups for eons.  It blows me away that they have gone from thinking we are stupid, to less stupid but still not entitled to buy goods for their RRP i.e., REAL retail price.

Why can’t they step up to the world-wide-shopping-plate, be competitive and just stop ripping us off?

An example:

I was out shopping with my cousin and friend for frocks to wear to a wedding. (Yes, we got distracted and looked at shoes too, but we were otherwise quite well restrained and focused on dresses. Note, none of this information is important. Consider it a ‘fun-fact’). Continue reading

Gettin’ bloggie with it!

If you’ve kept an eye on the sorella & me facebook page over the last few days you would have seen that Anna and I were fortunate to spend two days at the ProBlogger Training Event in Melbourne – getting our bloggie on!! The event brings 300 bloggers of all levels together to learn and network.

Anna and I really enjoy writing the sorella-hood blog and connecting with you all here, sharing our observations on ‘life’, and hopefully providing you a place to have a laugh (at our expense) or learn something new.  We were grateful for the opportunity to find out how do this better by attending the ProBlogger training – it was such a treat to take some time out to listen and learn from the experts in the country… as experts on blogging we certainly are not!

What we perhaps enjoyed the most was meeting lots of fabulous people in the blogging game. Many who have amazing stories to share, are very clever, and are very very funny!

So for a little round-up of our experience, we thought you might like to know a little more about who these people are that dedicate such a big part of their lives writing…. What are bloggers all about?

Here’s what we reckon:

1. Bloggers are generous & inspiring.

They have great advice and experience and are willing to share with others with open arms.  This is unheard of in many areas of life – You rarely have experts in their field so willing to help others succeed. It was incredibly refreshing.

One of the ProBlogger panel of speakers: From left to right, Eden Riley of Edenland; Mrs Woog; of Woogsworld and Lorraine Murphy from blogging agency The Remarkables Group

2. Bloggers feel like old friends

Bloggers feel like good friends you’ve known for ages. They are real people with real stories and they make it easy for you to feel a connection with them. We ‘know’ many virtually and it was wonderful to finally meet them in person, including Nikki from Styling You.

There were lots of chatting ops (usually over lots of food…See point 4)

3. Bloggers have great hair. Continue reading

A guy walks into a bar and says “Why the pregnant barmaid?”

I will admit I did do a double take as her beautiful belly pushed gently against the serving area. Considering pregnant women and alcohol aren’t generally seen together (although I have heard that beer containing hops may be beneficial? Perhaps a discussion for another time)… I reminded myself, there is no smoke in these environments anymore and it was quite fabulous seeing a woman in all her preggie glory maneuvering her way up and down the narrow serving area, as she had likely done before she was pregnant. It was quite an art and she had it sorted.

She looked pretty gorgeous with her big boosies, glowing cheeks, and she looked pretty happy to me. I was a little envious of the inner-goddess she was exuding as she went about her work – as I am with most pregnant women I see out and about. They are all gorgeous to me!

This was about a month ago in a country Queensland pub.  However, I recently read that a Melbourne barmaid allegedly lost her job when she announced her pregnancy. Her boss believed patrons did not want to be served by a ‘pregnant’ woman.

Unbelievable. How a bump could offend anyone I just don’t know.

Bill Shorten, the Minister for Employment and Workplace Relations, Financial Services and Superannuation, commented on the issue in a recent interview. He said:

“Did you know that 148,000 mums have now accessed the Government       Scheme which we introduced last year, which pays a certain number of weeks minimum wage. We are sending a very clear message that pregnancy is something to be celebrated…having kids shouldn’t be a bar to participating in the workforce.  We want to be able to help people make ends meet so that they are not making a choice between job and family.” (Ministers Media Centre interview with Belinda Heggan)

You can read the full interview here.

It seems that government policy is moving in the right direction.

Keeping your employment while pregnant is one thing – getting your maternity leave entitlements in another! RTimages via istockphoto

It’s also great to see some workplaces supporting their pregnant employees. I was recently in a hotel and noticed a pregnant staff member had a specially designed maternity uniform to allow for her growing belly. A fantastic idea and a great way to support this staff member – she looked great and was obviously much more comfortable than she would be if wearing an over-sized version of her regular uniform.

I just can’t imagine what reasoning the Melbourne pub owner may have had for thinking pregnancy is some sort of eyesore. Perhaps in his head he was justifying this blatant discrimination with something like….

“Sorry, I can’t employ you any longer, your boobs are like cannonballs and are starting to bust out of your uniform. My patrons may still enjoy flirting with your chest while ordering their beverage, but once they see your lower half, it may put them off ordering a second. While I’m ok with muffin tops, your belly is just a bit too large for me to cope with. You’re sacked.”

Has pregnancy been a problem for you or someone you know at your workplace?

~ alisha