Top tips to avoid the dreaded flu this winter?

I’ve got that feeling today – you know where you feel a bit blah (and not the bad attitude kind of blah that sometimes appears at the start of the week when you wish it was Friday).

No, today it’s definitely more of a my-body-is-starting-to-fall-apart kind of physical blah.

I have a sneaking suspicion I’m coming down with something nasty and I’m not happy about it. I have had a pretty good run of health after a few bad years of poor immunity with some basic changes to my diet. I’m therefore a little nervous I’m heading down the path equally a chapped red nose, being buried under a small forest worth of tissues, and a burning sore throat to boot.

image by Aleksandar Nakic via istockphoto

So it’s a simple post today – with a simple request: SAVE ME!!! PLEEEEEASE!

How do you fight of colds or (touch wood) the dreaded flu?

Note: I don’t want to know about jabs – and neither does Alisha (see why here).

I’m after weird and wonderful tactics e.g., a friend of mine swears strapping garlic to the bottom of her feet while she sleeps works every time. W-e-i-r-d!!

Please share your super-duper prevention tips!! I plan to experiment on anything and everything!

~ anna

5 thoughts on “Top tips to avoid the dreaded flu this winter?

    • This is awesome Jeff & Tara! It certainly does look like wonderful healthy magic soup. I’ve always been a bit overwhelmed by the ‘making’ part of chicken soup – I get nervous around naked chooks for some strange reason! But I do love the ‘eating’ part of chicken soup so I’m gonna be brave a give it a go! Thanks for sharing ~ anna x

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