Driving with the kid’s music on. With no kids in the car.

I regularly catch myself out driving in the car on my own with the kid’s music on. It amazes me how often I do this.  I quite like children’s music – I’m a little bit in love with Justine Clarke and her ‘Great Big World’.  I sing away with the kids, drop them off at kindy and then continue to work still singing away to her catchy tunes like ‘Dinosaur Roar’.

I don’t why this happens – I am very conscious of ‘me’ time and I try to avoid kid stuff being buried in amongst that time if I can help it.  I really don’t want to sing “If you’re happy and you know it” if I’m not being nagged to. And I don’t think it’s safe to drive while hot potato-ing or cold spaghetti-ing with my hands off the wheel (poor old Sam Wiggle…).

Sam Wiggles

Sam - dropped from the wiggles like a hot-potato

Time on my own is so precious so I feel a bit ripped off if I’ve spent 5 minutes of it singing away when I could be listening to the local radio, but I just seem to forget to change it over.

Which brings me to another point – how am I supposed to keep up with the latest tunes if it’s kids music most of the time, and then kids music some of the other times when it doesn’t need to be!  It’s fair to say that I’m rather useless at the annual Hottest 100 Triple J BBQ these days.

Do you do this?  Or am I the only crazy kids-music-loving mum out there?  I know some mums can’t cope with children’s music at all so avoid it completely. I think their children are really missing out though.  ‘Five little ducks’ and ‘Heads, and shoulders, knees and toes’ bring my little ones’ faces to life.

I have a friend that only puts her local country radio stations on in the car and I tend to like this idea.  I might just be getting old but the average local radio seems to be getting less appropriate to have on while my 4-year-old is listening.  I often think it might go over her head but when her 7-year-old cousin can recite the new Rhianna song word-for-word (which has lyrics that would make Ridge Forrester blush), I worry that she is picking up more than her innocent little ears should be.

Yesterday she was enjoying GOTYE’s “somebody that I used to know” it was quite funny listening to her singing away about a break-up, but I probably should be relieved that at least it wasn’t a sing along to LMFAO’s ‘Sexy and I know it’.  I might just keep Justine Clarke on standby for a bit longer!

Where do you sit on the kids-music war?

2 thoughts on “Driving with the kid’s music on. With no kids in the car.

  1. From another crazy-kids-music-loving mum… I have a whole new appreciation for ‘Puff the Magic Dragon’… a gorgeous song, but it’s sad! Jackie Paper grows up, but dragons live forever. Jackie just leaves the dragon, lost and sulking in his cave! I guess I just grew up too. Now I’m glad to be back in the dragon’s world, if just for a short time with my baby daughter. But I must admit, Puff and I only hang out in the quiet of my daughter’s room, I am yet to take it to the streets!

  2. Ah Peta…you and Puff re-united how awesome! Such a great one, I will be ‘humming’ the tune all afternoon! A great idea to restrict it to your daughter’s room….once you allow it into the car it will take over!!!

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