10 things to make you feel old but also make you laugh

I was recently at a family event and I met up with lots of relatives I hadn’t seen for some time.  While I was politely told I didn’t look a day older than the last time they saw me, when they asked how old I now was I weirdly stumbled with the answer.

I had a birthday 2 months ago but I was struggling to remember whether I just turned 33 or was I still 32!  I stuck with the later but on overhearing my conversation, my younger sister eagerly pointed out this was actually incorrect (damn little sisters).

And so, over my Nana’s caramel slice and a cup of tea (the cakes are always a good reason to attend family events), I had a bit of a ‘moment’.

I don’t feel 33, or rather, I don’t feel what I expected 33 would be (note ‘expected’ was developed from a very brief conversation with my high school girlfriends about what our ideal future self would be like including key events and matching deadlines.  All the usual suspects – marriage, babies, etc. This lasted about 2 minutes before we reverted to our original conversation of how the boys in the year level above us were so much hotter than the boys in our year, and this simply wasn’t fair).

It seems that my life has evolved with a relaxed approach to said ‘expected’ deadlines. But the thing is, I wouldn’t have it any other way. How then would have I traveled so much, met so many beautiful people, and still feel that buzz of excitement of what is next around the corner.

And so, on the drive home from the family get-together, I thought about my age (confirmed as 33 via my driver’s licence), and not what this ‘should’ mean, but what it actually does mean for me… And mostly, it just made me laugh.

10 things that make me feel old (but also make me laugh)

1. I am no longer eligible for the Miss Universe comp (in fact, it’s been 6 years since I was).

2. This song is 22 years old

3. Charlene Robinson Kylie turns 45 next year

4. My friend’s kid tells me they never knew you could open a car with a key – not a button.

5. The woman who married the guy that’s second in line to the British throne is younger than me and to rub it in, she will become ‘Queen Consort’ (or just good old Queen for short). Feel inadequate much?

Not only does she get to be Queen, she also gets to wear awesome hats. Photo credit: Reuters

6. I’ve gone up a whole new age bracket for filling out forms.  I no longer sit so easily in the 25-30’s box.  I’m now in with the ‘facing 40’s’ gang.

7. The kids on Dawson’s Creek are the same age as me but look the same age as they did in Dawson’s Creek

How did a kid get a whole creek named after him? Photo credit: Sony Pictures

8. My friend’s daughter is just 2 years from being able to legally have sex (she is probably feeling worse about this than what I am).

9. Courtney Cox was on a re-run episode of Family Ties the other day, she was 22 and it was 1987.

Courtney Cox

I wanted to be Alex P. Keaton's girlfriend too.

10. My personal ultimate pain: I will probably now be called ‘Madam’ when visiting Paris, not ‘Mademoiselle’. And there is nothing very Parisian Chic about that.

anna x

What makes you feel a little old, but also makes you laugh?

11 thoughts on “10 things to make you feel old but also make you laugh

  1. I used to put make-up on and think “yep, your good to go”. Now I put make-up on and think a second application might be required!! Makes me feel old…but also makes me laugh!! Alisha

  2. Thanks for the laugh!
    Especially the comment about being in Paris. Although I bet you’d still get your ass pinched in Italy no matter how old you are!

  3. I knew I was ‘old’ when the girl at the Oroton counter asked me who Roxette was! Not only did she miss Roxette but she missed the ’80s the first time around. Made me laugh to think back to when my mum used to say, ‘I remember that the first time around’ – its like me with crimped hair and leg warmers! Lets hope those scrunchies dont make a return…

    • Not knowing who Roxette is – that’s criminal! Ahhh I remember those hair-burning crimpers – those were the days

      (no wonder my hair is permanently damaged + what were we thinking?).

  4. Haha! I love this. I’m in your same bracket this year and share the same rather bizarre feelings about the whole thing. I had NO idea that ‘Can’t touch this’ was already 22 years old. (What? Am I old enough to have liked something as a youngester that is 22 years old?!) Never really thought about it. We share all the same cultural references. Gave me a laugh! Thanks for that.

  5. Thanks for the laugh. As another 33 year old I think we’d better head to Paris before it’s too late-maybe this summer?!

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